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Do you want to learn how to harness the powerful features of ATLAS.ti 9 Windows, but you want to be able to interact with the course instructor and receive real-time training? Then this is the course for you! July 27, 28, and 29, 16 - 18 pm CEST.
Our July 2021 Newsletter has been published
Read about the new features of the 9.1 update, the new personalized single-user licence, the raffle winners, and more.
Free webinar: Introduction to Qualitative Research
July 22 / August 5, 2021 7:00 PM (CEST)
ATLAS.ti for Intermediate to Advanced Users: Building an Efficient Coding system and Beyond
Next course: September 7 and 14, 2021 (11:30am -3:30pm CEST each day)
Exporting customizable outputs from ATLAS.ti 9 Windows and Mac
Read this article in our research blog
Introduction to ATLAS.ti 9
Windows: September 20, 22 and 24; Mac: September 13, 15, and 17: 12:00-2:00 pm EDT each day
Free Special Topic Webinars
Literature Review, networks, team work, triangulation and more in English and Spanish
Free Group Demonstrations
FREE demonstration of ATLAS.ti for groups evaluating the program, professors introducing it in class, or researchers wanting to introduce it at conferences.
Dark mode for ATLAS.ti Windows is now available!
Install service pack 9.0.20. To activate it, select Options / Application Preferences.
Playlist video tutorials ATLAS.ti 9 Mac
Learning Resource
Playlist video tutorials ATLAS.ti 9 Windows
Our asynchronous course for ATLAS.ti 9 Windows and Mac is ready
Learn ATLAS.ti 9 following your own pace and schedule over a span of 35 days.
Import automated transcripts - new service pack released for ATLAS.ti 9 Mac
Read more about it in our research blog.
The Iterative Qualitative Data Analysis Process with ATLAS.ti
A dialog between description, reflection, analysis, and interpretation. Article written by Dr. Ricardo Contreras.
What's New in ATLAS.ti 9
Video Tutorials in Spanish
The first video tutorials in Spanish are ready and uploaded. More will follow soon.
Research blog article: Within and across case analysis
Featuring ATLAS.ti 9
Teaching qualitative data analysis software online
A comparison of face-to-face and e-learning ATLAS.ti courses
Analysing data based on the constructivism paradigm using ATLAS.ti
Blog articles written by Aanuoluwapo Opayinka
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Premium Training: ATLAS.ti for Intermediate to Advanced Users: Building an Efficient Coding system and Beyond
March 23 and 30 (10:30am -1:45pm EST each day)