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Multimodal Thematic Analysis in ATLAS.ti: Insights from a Multimodal Ethnographic Study

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This presentation proposes and illustrates an empirically-based extension of Braun and Clarke’s reflexive thematic analysis (TA) to the analysis of multimodal data in ATLAS.ti. Based on systematic and detailed documentation of analysis processes in a multi-year, multimodal ethnographic study, a model of inductive and reflexive multimodal thematic analysis (MTA) in ATLAS.ti is proposed.

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  • How multimodal thematic analysis can be carried out in ATLAS.ti, based on a multi-year, multimodal ethnographic study
  • Thematic analysis analytic phases can be usefully repeated in at least three distinct, recursive, and additive rounds for analysis of multimodal data
  • Direct analysis of audio/video is useful with analytic gist summaries in language
  • Relationships of similarity and contiguity play crucial roles in different rounds of multimodal thematic analysis in ATLAS.ti
Amir Michalovich

About the presenter

Amir Michalovich is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He has used ATLAS.ti for more than five years, conducting mixed methods and qualitative research spanning different methodological approaches and methods of analysis, including thematic analysis, content analysis, and discourse analysis. At UBC, he has been providing workshops and consultations on Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) for students, faculty, and staff since 2018. He is also leading a mixed-methods research project mandated to explore the challenges, needs, and practices of graduate students conducting CAQDAS. Amir’s dissertation research explores digital media production among youth from refugee and migrant backgrounds in a Vancouver secondary school. He previously managed a national-scale educational research project in Israel, mandated to introduce a new multilingual education policy, and taught English as a Foreign Language in Israel. He has also worked as a filmmaker, with expertise in video and sound editing, producing, screenwriting and directing, as well as mentoring community-based filmmaking groups (youth and adults) in Metro Vancouver and Tel Aviv. His research and teaching explore digital literacies, digital media production, and qualitative data analysis. He recently published in Qualitative Inquiry, The Modern Language Journal, TESOL Quarterly, Language and Literacy, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, and Public Understanding of Science.

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