Will ATLAS.ti work with Word 2007 documents?

June 6, 2014

I want to assign .docx files.

ATLAS.ti has no problems whatsoever working with Word 2007 (.docx) files, provided Word 2007 is actually installed on your system.

The Word 2007 installation installs all the necessary converters and filters on your system, and ATLAS.ti happily uses them to access your primary data.

However, do not expect ATLAS.ti to be able to work with .docx files if Word 2007 has NOT been installed on your computer.

If you plan to exchange projects with others users who do not have Word 2007 installed yet, you will need to convert your .docx files to either the version of .doc file they can work with, or, better yet, convert to .rtf. Only in this way can you expect the other party to be able to access them.

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