Splitting Up Multi-User Licenses

June 25, 2014

Can a multi-user license be “split up” between servers and individual PC? Or are they restricted to LAN installations?

A multi-user license may be “split up,” i.e. some copies can be installed on a server, while the rest can be installed on individual PCs. Our licenses are concurrent use licenses (based on the number of users simultaneously accessing the program), and as such are not tied to specific installations. However, it is very important to remember that the maximum of simultaneous users must not be exceeded at any time.

Moreover, the license holder should be aware that there is only one license key for all copies installed under a multi-user license. This means that if even one of the users violates the licensing terms, we will blacklist and disable all copies installed under that license. For this reason, the license holder should exercise care when distributing the license key, e.g. to co-workers and team members for installation on their personal PCs.

NOTE: We do NOT allow to split up multi-user licenses across organizational boundaries, i.e. it is not possible for two organizations (or organizational sub-units) to jointly obtain a and “share” a single multi-user license. The license holder must always be a single, clearly and uniquely identifiable entity, i.e. there can be no “joint” license holders.

(Of course, this does not preclude, for example, a university from obtaining a license for two or more departments. However, in this case only the university can be the license holder, not the individual departments.)

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