Non-profit Organizations and Government Orders

June 25, 2014

What types of discounts are available for non-profit organizations? Are there discounts for government orders

ATLAS.ti GmbH supports numerous non-profit organizations, NGOs, and similar institutions worldwide through free software donations and special discounts. However, ATLAS.ti reserves the right to make such decisions strictly on an individual, case-by-base basis.

Non-profit organizations may not automatically obtain educational licenses at the discounted rate. Organizations wishing to be considered for a discounted license should contact the ATLAS.ti Support Center. To be considered, please submit the information requested on this page

NOTE: Resellers are NOT at liberty to determine whether an organization qualifies for a discount.

Government agencies and supra-national institutions (such as the EU, UN, etc.) must obtain standard licenses. There is currently no special pricing available for government institutions.

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