Can I install ATLAS.ti on two computers?

April 19, 2018

Can I install ATLAS.ti on two computers?

I bought an individual-user ATLAS.ti license, but I have two personal computers (i.e. one in my office and one at home). Can I install ATLAS.ti on both computers?

Yes, you can. This is covered under the concurrent licence agreement. What you are purchasing with the licence is the “number of usages”.  Assume you have a desktop computer at your office and a laptop that you use to work from home, or when you travel. Thus, you will never work on both computers at the same (i.e. concurrent) time.

What you are not allowed to do under the licence agreement is to give your friend or colleague the software and let your friend use the software. The important thing to keep in mind is that an individual license does NOT permit simultaneous use (i.e. if you are working on one computer, make sure you are not working on the other computer at the same time).

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