Exhibition/Conference Calendar

We regularly exhibit at prestigious research conferences throughout the world. This year, we will be present at several events in the United States, Canada, and Europe, in which our staff will be exhibiting ATLAS.ti and providing introductory instruction to those wishing to learn about the quality and advantages of our software.

Events and Dates



April 5-9 Canada Toronto American Educational Research Association
June 17 – 21 Canada Edmonton, Alberta Thinking Qualitatively (TQ) Workshop Series
October 25 – 29 Canada Vancouver, BC Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference
Nov 7-11 USA Philadelphia APHA


March 21-22 UK London 4th Qualitative Health Research Network Conference
July 16-19 Portugal Lisbon 8th Iberian-American Congress on Qualitative Research (CIAIQ)
July 19-20 Germany Berlin BMT
August 20-23 UK Manchester 14th ESA Conference 2019
September 3-6 Germany Hamburg ECER 2019 (European Educational Research Association)
September 16-18 Germany Düsseldorf Deutsche Gesellschaft für medizinische Soziologie
September 24-28 Germany Göttingen Kongress Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie
September 19-22 Germany Bochum 7. Studentischer Soziologiekongress
Oct 17-19 Portugal Lisbon 3rd World Conference Qualitative Research


May 27-June 7 Mexico D.F. IPSA Summer School Mexico
September 16-19 Brasil Curitiba Evento Internacional EDUCERE – PUCPR/First Symposium of ATLAS.ti Users in Brazil. Pontificia Universidad Católica Paraná
August 20-22 Mexico D.F. Primer Coloquio de Investigación Cualitativa-CIIEMAD.
November 6-7-8 Argentina Buenos Aires 1 Encuentro Nacional Argentino de Investigadores Cualitativos


July 1-12 Singapore Singapore IPSA-NUS Summer School for Social Science Research Methods