Update History

Wir veröffentlichen regelmäßig Updates und Service Packs. Es handelt sich nicht nur um Bugfixes, sondern meist vor allem um nützliche und wertvolle neue Features, die die Möglichkeiten von ATLAS.ti weiter ausbauen. Es lohnt sich also auf jeden Fall, regelmäßig nach den neuesten Releases zu suchen.

ATLAS.ti macht es extrem einfach, auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. Der integrierte Live Update Manager ist vollständig automatisiert und macht das Herunterladen und Installieren von Updates und Service Packs zum Kinderspiel.

Version 9.1.7

Release date: 2021-11-11

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where quotations were not visible in the margin.
  • Fixed licensing issue for customers using proxy authentication
  • several minor bug fixes

Version 9.1.6

Release date: 2021-10-13

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where documents were merged incorrectly during project merge
  • Fixed an issue where quotations in certain text documents were not displayed in the margin
  • Projects containing PDF documents with faulty quotation boundaries are now repaired on import
  • Fixed a bug where in rare cases changes in text documents were not saved, which became visible only when reloading the documents
  • Bars for Codes that have no color are displayed correctly again in the bar chart view of the Code Manager
  • Fixed an issue where the coding tool did not open when trying to code multiple quotations at once
  • The comments field in Managers is now correctly updated when comment changes are undone
  • Text selection no longer collapses when a code is dragged onto a text selection
  • Renaming with the F2 key now works again in the Code Manager
  • Fixed a crash when importing broken project bundles
  • Fixed a crash in the code co-occurrence table when coding with a code that was currently selected in the code document table
  • Fixed some rare crashes in the analysis tables
  • Various minor improvements and fixes

Version 9.1.5

Release date: 2021-07-28

New and Improved

  • Improved stability in text editing


  • Fixed a crash when using Classic Theme in Windows 7
  • Fixed a problem with icons that were sometimes not displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the positioning of the coding window

Version 9.1.4

Release date: 2021-07-14

New and Improved

  • Added option in Code Manager to sort codes by color
  • Copy and paste quotation inserts the quotation reference, title and full text content
  • Enlarged previews in Quotation Reader to show more content and more codings
  • Full code names are displayed in a tooltip when you hover over a code in the Quotation Reader
  • Coding dialog opens at a position that ensures that the context remains visible
  • Largely improved keyboard navigation in the coding dialog
  • Proper document previews are now displayed in networks
  • Cells in analysis tables are deselected when clicking outside the table
  • When creating new a group via drag-and-drop in Managers, the drag preview no longer covers the naming dialog.
  • Stop list import is now more flexible
  • When adding a code to a code group in the Code Manager, the code group is displayed in bold
  • When creating a new code group from selected codes, the correct number of codes is now displayed next to the group in the Project Explorer


  • Fixed a bug that caused caused quotations not to be visible in particular text documents
  • Fixed a bug where reports were incomplete
  • Fixed an issue where video and text were out of sync after editing a transcript
  • Fixed a bug when importing a project without a project name
  • Code Co-occurrence table is now correctly updated when a global filter is removed
  • Comments in network nodes are updated correctly
  • Some network modifications did not update the network’s modification date
  • Fixed a crash when updating the code co-occurrence table after deleting a document
  • Fixed a crash in the Quotation Reader when playing a video quotation of a linked multimedia document
  • Fixed a crash that could occur the next time a project was opened after a user had been deleted
  • Fixed several more crashes
  • Fixed some visual issues related to the Dark Mode
  • Fixed multiple cosmetic issues

Version 9.1.3

Release date: 2021-06-09

New Features

  • Code Cloud
  • Bar Chart in Code Manager
  • New Welcome Screen
  • Exported projects now use the new .atlproj9 extension
  • Print PDF and image documents with margin
  • Preview in Print dialog


  • Added option to rename codes in the context menu in the margin
  • Added the option to merge users in User Manager
  • Added the option to change the current user in the User Manager
  • Current User is now displayed in bold text in the User Manager
  • When opening a Network out of the Quotation Reader the quotation will be included in the Network
  • Added option to add document neighbors of codes in Networks
  • In the Network Editor we have added an option in the context menu of links to create a new relation
  • Fixed context menu when clicking on quotation overview bar in the margin
  • Added extra slow and extra fast playback speeds for multimedia documents
  • Better display groundedness of codes in Quotation Manager sidebar
  • Added quotaion reference to quotations in Split Code window
  • Better empty state for the Previews in Synkey diagrams
  • Changed default color theme to Automatic

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the global code group filter incorrectly returned no results in the Code Manager
  • When creating Smart Groups with AND operator, an OR operator was used instead by mistake
  • Fixed Document Import for HTML files containing images
  • Fixed a bug where Quotation creator and Coders were not imported correctly from web project
  • Fixed a crash when importing transcripts without any timestamps in it
  • Fixed a bug when merging projects where quotations received the comment of the document
  • Fixed a bug where ATLAS.ti did not start after the message "No License Found" was displayed
  • Fixed an issue when searching quotations in Quotation Reader and in Analysis tables
  • Fixed a crash in the Quotations Reader when the list of quotation changed
  • Fixed that the Quotation Reader opened from the Query Tool was accidentally closed when a code used in the query was deleted
  • Fixed export of projects with illegal unicode characters
  • Fixed a crash when creating a word list in projects without any codes and quotations
  • Fixed stop list duplication when merging projects
  • Fixed missing document previews in network editor
  • Made renaming dialogs more user-friendly
  • In Code Manager code groups containing a selected code are displayed in bold text
  • Fixed Keyboard navigation in Document Search results
  • Fixed sorting quotations by reference in Quotation Manager
  • In the Project Explorer, the quotations of a document were not updated correctly
  • Improved Project Import information in the Files menu
  • In darkmode Network is now exported as image with dark background color
  • Fixed an issue where windows started to flicker when text document and a comment window were opened
  • Project Export dialog is now scrollable for projects with many multimedia documents
  • warnings in project export report difficult to read in dark mode
  • Fixed layout issues in Focus Group Coding dialog
  • Revised empty state in Code Document Table
  • Titel in Named Entity Recognition results was truncated
  • Fixed highlighting of text segments in Search & Code results
  • Fixed some incorrect display texts
  • Fixed a few display texts that were cut off in German
  • Fixed some missing or incorrect icons
  • fixed some incorrectly scaled icons
  • Version 9.0.24

    Release date: 2021-04-27

    Bug Fixes

    • Restored missing group in Network Editor ribbon

    Version 9.0.23

    Release date: 2021-04-15

    New and Improved

    • Code Co-occurrence tables now offer an "AND" operator
    • Timestamps of transcripts are now shown in a list in audio and video files. Timestamps can be played or deleted via right-click menu
    • Improved keyboard navigation in many windows

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a problem that caused codings to be lost during project export, and repaired such broken codings
    • Fixed problems in account management that could occur after network failures and that led to licenses being temporarily unusable
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a restart after click on "Logout and Restart"
    • Fixed some issues with the new Dark Mode, such as missing or hardly visible icons
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking "Manage Models" under Application Preferences in Options
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when the selected volume for Text Analysis Directory was not available
    • Fixed a problem with the positioning of floating windows when they are reopened
    • Fixed the disabled Close and Exit buttons in the File Menu
    • Fixed a bug in the presentation of search results in geo documents
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during Reference Manager import
    • Fixed an issue with quotations spanning over multiple pages in PDF documents and a number of other PDF-related issues
    • Many more minor bugfixes

    Version 9.0.22

    Release date: 2021-04-01

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that removed codings in some projects during export

    Version 9.0.21

    Release date: 2021-03-12

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented import of some PDF documents

    Version 9.0.20

    Release date: 2021-03-02

    New and Improved

    • Dark mode has been introduced
    • Added support for .srt and .vtt transcript files
    • Improved PDF import and transcript import
    • Added icons to the Link Manager to provide a better overview
    • Various improvements when working in text documents (especially right-to-left text documents), PDFs, geo documents and transcripts
    • Improved print with margin
    • Improved performance when searching in Managers
    • Improved performance of Project Explorer
    • Added features to .msi installer for better customization
    • Updated to .NET Framework 4.8
    • Many more minor improvement

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where student licenses were incorrectly indicated as expired
    • Fixed an issue where windows sometimes were not opened when using multiple screens
    • Fixed a bug showing incorrect context menu in networks
    • Fixed a bug showing the wrong entity list when adding nodes to a network
    • Fixed previews in network nodes for image exports
    • Fixed a bug causing disturbing interaction when searching in text documents
    • Fixed a bug that causing quotations to be slightly shifted after importing a Refi-QDA (.qdpx) project
    • Fixed a bug where quotations were filtered incorrectly in Quotation Reader
    • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Undo and Redo in the Search & Code tools
    • Fixed Detail and Percentage view options in word cloud
    • Fixed several rare crashes

    Version 9.0.19

    Release date: 2021-01-19

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed a rare crash when editing text documents
    • Fixed an editing issue with certain text document

    Version 9.0.18

    Release date: 2020-12-02

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Hotfix; some valid licenses wrongly misidentified as invalid

    Version 9.0.17

    Release date: 2020-11-30

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Improved word reports: text content displays linebreaks correctly and can be copied to the clipboard
    • Improved presentation and handling of geo documents; in-vivo coding is now available for geo locations
    • Improved presentation of search results for Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis: Suggested codes are now listed first, followed by existing codes
    • Improved visual feedback during drag & drop operations by indicating the source item attached to the mouse pointer
    • Repeated survey import no longer creates duplicate cases
    • Fixed a crash during installion
    • Fixed a bug that caused folder "GPUCache" to appear on desktop
    • Fixed bug where codings were missing in the margin
    • Fixed a bug where text document import failed in rare cases
    • Fixed a bug which caused the Evernote import to fail in some occasions
    • Other minor bugfixes

    Version 9.0.16

    Release date: 2020-10-28

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed an issue where edited document were skipped during project merge. The edited documents will be added to the target project, so that both versions of such documents are available in the resulting project. We are working on a solution to be able to merge edited documents in the future.
    • Improved startup performance
    • Improved performance loading text documents and opening Managers
    • Quotation names are no longer used to store quotation content in Survey Import
    • Survey Import no longer fails due to too long group names
    • Fixed a crash in the survey import
    • Fixed a crash when running out of disk space during upgrade from ATLAS.ti 8
    • Fixed a crash when Library is not accessible, and a number of other rare crashes
    • Regular Expression Search test text now appears in your display language and can be replaced by a custom text
    • Fixed Excel Report of Quotations grouped by Codes
    • Search in Quotation Reader now finds matches in the complete quotations, not only in tiles
    • Fixed Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut in Network Editor
    • Fixed shortcuts in Text Editor ribbon
    • Show error message when importing stop list with invalid format
    • Avatar button in narrow welcome screen is fixed
    • Cleaned up library locations history
    • In Named Entity Recognition, similar codes names with different capitalization are summarized
    • In Named Entity Recognition, Undo nows applies to *all* proposed codes in a single step
    • Improved Machine Learning Model overview
    • Number of Quotations is now calculated correctly in Quotation Reader
    • Multimedia document of a transcript now opens side by side in the same area
    • Labels in Query Tool are not being cut off anymore
    • Quotation no longer gets scolded out of view when resizing project window
    • Added "paste as plain text" in text documents
    • various minor bug fixes

    Version 9.0.15

    Release date: 2020-09-21

    • Fixed global filters in Word Cloud and Word List
    • Corrected counts in Word Cloud and Word List when including infelected forms
    • Project names remain unchanged when an import of the same project is canceled
    • Fixed offset PDF quotations after iPad project import
    • Added "Paste Plain Text" option in Document Editor
    • Fixed a bug where numbered lists and bullet lists at the end of a document were saved as normal body text
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the last used view options from being saved correctly
    • Project Explorer refreshes correctly when Smart Group results have changed
    • Exported documents get correct file names again
    • Password error is no longer presented in the login screen if email is filled in after password
    • Fixed a crash in in the Intercoder Agreement alaysis
    • Fixed some translation errors
    • Various minor improvements

    Version 9.1.2

    Release date: 2021-08-13

    Improvements and Fixes:

    • Fixed a problem where images in text documents were not included in project export
    • Fixed paragraph number display on Macs using Apple Silicon
    • Improved performance of reference manager import

    Version 9.1.1

    Release date: 2021-07-08

    Improvements and Fixes:

    • Reference manager import now supports percent-escaped paths (e.g., created by Readcube Papers)
    • More compact representation of multiple search hits of the same sentence or paragraph in Named Entity Recognition
    • Stop and go lists now work better with lexeme detection
    • Copying text in memos and comments works properly again
    • Fixed an issue where PDF quotations could become invisible
    • When duplicating memos and networks, the duplicates are now in the same groups as the originals
    • Corrected scaling in code cloud
    • Improved display updates for codings in the quotation manager
    • Multiple smaller user interface fixes and improvements
    • General stability improvements

    Version 9.1.0

    Release date: 2021-06-09

    New Features

    • Code Cloud
    • Bar Chart in Code Manager
    • Improved presentation of projects, news, and tutorials in the welcome dialog
    • Cooccurrence table now supports “AND” operator


    • Copying a quotation now puts a citable reference in the pasteboard
    • ATLAS.ti now detects whether the Rosetta 2 x86 emulator is installed on Apple Silicon machines, and prompts the user to do so if necessary (prevents a hang at app startup)
    • Queries and filters can now be reset with a single click
    • Tab switching via keyboard shortcut is now supported (ctrl+tab)
    • Retrieval tool searches can now be cancelled
    • You can now start focus group coding from the document context menu
    • Text documents and memo editors can now be zoomed with the scroll wheel
    • Users can now enter an email address when sending crash reports
    • Improved word cloud layout
    • Added sorting by groundedness etc. to many navigators
    • Double-clicking word cloud items now opens a search for the word
    • Improved handling of poor network conditions when checking license
    • Many smaller user interface and accessibility improvements
    • Too many stability improvements and bug fixes to list
    • Improved display performance in analysis tables
    • Exported projects now use the new .atlproj9 format

    Version 9.0.7

    Release date: 2021-02-05

    • Updated help
    • Fixed a bug that prevented windows from being minimized
    • Fixed an occasional crash when updating a manager

    Version 9.0.6

    Release date: 2021-02-02

    • Improved stability on macOS 11 Big Sur
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing projects with malformed PDF quotations
    • Fixed some issues that could occur when closing projects
    • Improved performance and stability of very large Sankey diagrams
    • Other stability and minor cosmetic improvements

    Version 9.0.5

    Release date: 2020-12-16

    • Updated the look for macOS Big Sur
    • ATLAS.ti now runs natively on Apple Silicon
    • Added support for importing transcripts in VTT and SRT formats
    • Added extra slow and extra fast audio/video playback speeds
    • Transcript segments can now be played back by double-clicking them in the list
    • Added the ability to import document neighbors of codes to networks

    Version 9.0.4

    Release date: 2020-11-17

    • Massively improved performance of Code Document Table
    • Survey import: Improved performance, fixed some minor bugs
    • Added stop lists for many languages (for new projects)
    • Printing a text document now includes paragraph numbering
    • Welcome screen/project library window can now be maximized, and other minor UI updates
    • Fixed .dat file creation for SPSS exports
    • When merging with a project with edited text documents, network nodes for the added documents and quotations are now created where appropriate
    • Fixed an issue when running on case sensitive file systems
    • Fixed multiple crashes and minor issues

    Version 9.0.3

    Release date: 2020-10-07

    • Fixed a crash that could occur when invoking the context menu in macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    • Fixed issues when doing a text search and then clicking the “New Search” button
    • Fixed a display issue in the coding popover in macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    • More improvements to library migration from ATLAS.ti 8
    • Improved handling of QDPX project imports containing duplicate user names
    • Resizing the window with a geo document open now retains scroll position

    Version 9.0.2 (build 1723)

    Release date: 2020-09-23

    • Further improved reliability of migrating projects and libraries from ATLAS.ti 8
    • Fixed an issue where results from Named Entity Recognition could be coded multiple times
    • Fixed a Crash that could occur during coding
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to search PDF documents with certain rare character combinations
    • Fixed an error with QDPX export of text documents
    • Projects with invalid comments are now imported and repaired
    • Multiple minor improvements to the user interface

    Version 9.0.1 (build 1693)

    Release date: 2020-09-11

    • Improved reliability of migrating libraries from ATLAS.ti 8
    • Fixed an issue with Machine Learning models for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
    • Improved performance of synonym detection

    Version 8.4.26

    Release date: 2021-08-18

    • Fixed licensing issue

    Version 8.4.25

    Release date: 2020-11-04

    • Fixed Excel report of quotations grouped by codes
    • Fixed use of regular expressions in stop lists
    • Fixed a bug where quotations were shifted when importing mobile project bundles
    • Large images now open in fitting window size
    • Cleaned up library locations history
    • Fixed a crash when importing legacy projects
    • Fixed a crash when saving a network view as an image
    • Fixed a crash when importing Evernote data
    • Fixed a crash when importing PDF documents

    Version 8.4.24

    Release date: 2020-02-25

    • Fixed some rare crashes when attempting to open text documents
    • Fixed an issue that caused quotation highlighting to be offset from the actual quotation or not visible at all
    • Re-enabled opening quotation in context on single-click in quotation lists

    Version 8.4.23

    Release date: 2020-01-23

    • Fixed issue with codings being invisible in documents

    Version 8.4.22

    Release date: 2019-12-13

    • Fixed Excel export in Inter-Coder Agreement calculations
    • Documents use correct fonts again (fixes issues related to missing emojis)
    • Fixed a bug where highlighted area was offset from the actual selected range in text documents with tables

    Version 8.4.21

    Release date: 2019-12-02

    • Fixed issue with margin in right-to-left documents
    • Fixed display of text quotations ranging across cell borders
    • Fixed crash in memo text editor when changing numbered list to bullet list
    • Fixed crash on project merge
    • Fixed rare crash with empty comments

    Version 8.4.20

    Release date: 2019-10-08

    Various hot fixes

    Version 8.4.19

    Release date: 2019-10-01

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Improved handling and presentation of text documents
    • Fixed broken keyboard shortcuts in text documents: Ctrl+H (Create Quotation), Ctrl+J (Add Coding), and Ctrl+L (Quick Coding)
    • Fixed alignment for right-to-left text in memos and comments
    • Style edits (color, lists, bold) etc.) in memos and comments are now saved properly
    • Fixed bug where spreadsheets did not automatically open after Excel export
    • Fixed bug where Focus Group Coding button was accidentally disabled
    • Fixed crash when entering code name already in use in coding dialog
    • Fixed crash when saving memo or comment containing bi-directional text pasted from elsewhere

    Version 8.4.18

    Release date: 2019-07-27

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed problem creating memos that affected some users

    Version 8.4.17

    Release date: 2019-07-25

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed crash when closing the dialog for defining Excel export columns
    • Fixed exports results when exporting to Excel
    • Improved content migration in the library
    • Repaired missing content folder and broken bundle content identifier
    • Fixed auto coding and focus group coding in document manager when nothing is selected
    • Fixed: Adding code created duplicate codes.
    • Removed cancel from the delete dialogs for orphan quotations and codes
    • Fixed/improved multiple issues with the Geo Document Viewer
    • Fixed issue with not updating stop list combo box in word cruncher dialog when adding new stop list
    • Fixed crash when updating node list in a network in the project explorer
    • Fixed 'Show Details' and 'Show Percent' checkboxes in Word List
    • Added check if quotation can be created in coding actions
    • Fixed: Properly updating the word list when exclude buttons are checked/unchecked

    Version 8.4.16

    Release date: 2019-07-04

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Twitter import works again
    • Improved memo and comment editor
    • Completely redesigned split code dialog
    • Fixed a bug that caused some dialog buttons to be clipped when scaling settings exceeded 100%
    • Fixed global filters in word cloud and word list
    • Word comparison in word lists and in stop and go lists now uses current culture
    • Comments are now merged according to selected strategy in project merge
    • QDPX export now supports export of empty groups (they cannot be reimported in ATLAS.ti, though)
    • Improved QDPX project import
    • Added messages for QDPX project import issues
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when copying text to the clipboard in PDF documents
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when coding quotations or selections
    • Fixed a crash in the code document table when word count was selected

    Version 8.4.15

    Release date: 2019-03-24

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed double click action in the Project Explorer
    • Fixed Bug in iPad import: Empty entity names are automatically corrected on Import
    • Fixed a bug that allowed words containing invalid characters to be added to stop lists
    • Fixed a bug where document scrolled to the wrong position when PDF quotations were opened
    • Code Document Table: Global filter in result quotations lists removed
    • Fixed a bug where projects were incorrectly marked as defective and could no longer be loaded
    • Bug fix for crash when pasting corrupted clipboard data into network editor
    • Fixed a rare crash when navigating with keyboard in certain PDF documents
    • Added the global filter to the quotation lists
    • Fixed a bug where Query Tool did not open when document group was set as global filter
    • Bug fix for crash in undo operations related to transcripts
    • Fixed a bug where Excel export in manager did not work in rare cases
    • Fixed a crash in word list that could occur when right-clicking on the background in the word list
    • Fixed a crash when opening word list
    • Fixed crash when validating smart code name in the create smart code dialog
    • Improvements ribbon context switching behavior in query tool, network editor and analysis tables
    • Added some notifications to QDPX import and export

    Version 8.4.14

    Release date: 2019-03-21

    Various bug fixes and minor changes

    Version 8.4.13

    Release date: 2019-03-18

    QDPX: Export projects in new universal exchange format

    New and Added Functionality

    • Added search field to Project Explorer
    • Added comment preview to Project Explorer
    • Import/export document groups from Excel
    • Insert date and time in comments and memos

    Word Lists / Word Cloud Improvements

    • Show scope
    • Type-Token Ratio


    • Compress tables by removing empty rows and columns
    • More information in the Code Co-occurrence Table
    • More information in the Code-Document Table
    • Binarize the results of the Code-Document Table
    • Networks: Show Code-Documents Connections

    Create groups anywhere

    • Network Editor: Create Group from selected items of one entity type
    • Query Tool: Create Document Group from selected results


    • Export data for further statistical analysis (SPSS, R, STATA, SAS, etc.)
    • Quotation preview and export everywhere


    • Reports from Quotation Lists in Analysis Tables and Code Manager
    • Info sheets for Excel reports
    • Include codes in document reports


    • Simplify remove items from selected groups in Managers
    • Create smart codes in the Code Manager
    • Open Memo on double-click
    • Copy Entities Into Pasteboard/Clipboard
    • Improved workflow - Reference Manager import

    Please see this page for details

    Version 8.3.20

    Release date: 2018-12-12

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fix for a problem on Windows 7 Home Basic introduced and Windows Server Datacenter Edition introduced in 8.3.18

    Version 8.3.19

    Release date: 2018-12-11

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fix for a problem on Windows 7 Home Basic introduced in 8.3.18

    Version 8.3.18

    Release date: 2018-12-10

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Added commented icons in text search results
    • Creating new projects with the same name as an existing project no longer possible
    • Improved import from ATLAS.ti Cloud
    • Search for word in Word Cloud/Word List
    • Export: If report bundle creation fails on default folder, a second attempt will be made in the user temp folder
    • Added missing arrowheads in network editor
    • Fixed: Use of wildcard char ("?") caused a crash in Auto Coding
    • Repaired black preview images
    • Other bug fixes

    Version 8.3.17

    Release date: 2018-10-29

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • New interface language: Portuguese
    • CTRL+S now works universally across project
    • Fixed a bug in Default File Location access
    • Fixed broken quotation preview switch in NWE
    • Word count calculation for the code document table
    • Crash when duplicating a Smart Code
    • Quotations and codes sorting in grouped Excel export
    • Fixed inserting ReTweets

    Version 8.3.16

    Release date: 2018-09-26

    • Import transcripts
    • Networks: Add nodes from list
    • Find redundant codings
    • Store last used search terms in auto coding dialog
    • Code-Doc-Table: Show relative frequencies
    • Code-Cooc-Table: More Excel export options
    • Navigate multimedia documents using keys
    • Duplicate document
    • Twitter import expanded (now up to 1,000 tweets).
    • User-selectable default file location (a solution for the overzealous Windows Defender folder protection)

    Please also see this page for more details

    Version 8.2.34

    Release date: 2018-08-09

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fix for Windows %temp% folder issue
    • Added additional information re. recent entity reports to SysBundle to better diagnose OutOfMemory crashes

    Version 8.2.33

    Release date: 2018-07-13

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Global filtering corrected in Code-document table
    • Added convert memo into document to right-click menu in Project Explorer
    • Removed auto coding button from main ribbon (but the tool is, of course, still available in the Document/Document Group Manager and the Document Viewer)
    • Codebook (QDC) export & import improved
    • Add notification if a project cannot be saved or exported because of trial license limitations
    • Error reporting improved
    • Mobile Import: Fixed bugs on quotation name / default name import
    • Check for regular expressions in stop/go lists
    • Prohibit duplicating a relation type without a name
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing delete Code Group
    • Fixed crash in auto coding; prevent multiple auto coding processes
    • Fixed a bug in Twitter import
    • Fixed a bug in word lists when adding to stop list takes long
    • Solved a rare crash when using German stemmer
    • Fixed bug with Undo/redo when creating new user
    • Various other bug fixes and minor improvements

    Version 8.2.32

    Release date: 2018-05-25

    Implemented GDPR Telemetry Compliance and new EULA

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Fixed error description in create free code dialog
    • Dragging mixed entities in margin area
    • Fixed empty menu in word list control
    • Fixed merging relation types
    • Set to trial version if setting the license key fails
    • Installer to present EULA every time it changes

    Version 8.2.31

    Release date: 2018-05-18

    Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Improved multiple selection in Project Explorer
    • Improved Stop/Go list import
    • Fixed an issue when showing coefficients in Code-Co-Occurrence Table
    • Fixed a bug in Network xps export
    • Fixed color sorting in code list
    • Colors corrected in codebook import (XLSX)
    • Quotation previews are now properly updated if location was changed
    • Enable report and export buttons when items were added or removed from a manager

    Version 8.2.30

    Release date: 2018-04-27

    • Multiple small bug fixes (Project Explorer, Word Cloud, selections in PDF documents)

    Version 8.2.29

    Release date: 2018-04-20

    • New interface language: Chinese
    • Inter-Rater Agreement analysis
    • Automatically code focus groups
    • Support for importing and exporting codebooks in vendor-independent QDC format
    • SPSS export improvements
    • PDF annotations can now be displayed
    • Document export
    • Create multimedia quotations by setting in/out points
    • Improved stop/go lists for word cruncher
    • Quotation previews in code document table
    • Multiple selection in project explorer
    • Create multimedia quotations without temporary selection
    • Auto-scrolling multimedia margin
    • Show start time, end time, duration for selected multimedia quotation
    • Print Memos and Comments
    • Improve PDF text newline/paragraph detection
    • Many bug fixes

    Version 8.1.30

    Release date: 2018-03-06

    • List of quotations now opens when double-clicking code/memo (group), even if there is only one linked quotation
    • Unnecessary copies of project library are no longer saved
    • Code document table now updates reliably after changes
    • Improved Twitter import readout with backlinks to the original Twitter feed
    • Improved paragraph detection in multi-column PDFs
    • Fixed an issue with quotation IDs in project explorer
    • Fixed an issue with renaming a project on import
    • Fixed issue where switching library was blocked after working on a project
    • Fixed a bug in Chinese PDF import
    • Fixed a bug where Twitter Import button stayed disabled when a query was pasted into query field
    • Fixed a bug where the selected code in auto coding dialog was reset when pasting text into the text search field
    • Fixed a bug that caused the global filter indication bar to be blank when a filter was set
    • Fixed a bug where images in imported tweets were not coded correctly
    • Fixed a bug where entities kept their commented icon after removing their comment
    • Fixed an issue that caused the refresh button in the code document table to be blocked after a global filter was applied
    • Fixed several issues with long file and path names
    • Fixed multiple crash scenarios

    Version 8.1.29

    Release date: 2018-02-08

    • Improved PDF Text segmentation.
    • Improved German and Spanish translations.
    • Improved the Create Relation dialog.
    • Twitter import now supports long Tweets with multiple images.
    • Fixed an issue where images in Twitter imports got distorted.
    • Various bug and crash fixes.

    Version 8.1.28

    Release date: 2017-12-04

    • Text block recognition in PDF files improved
    • Quotation list popup
    • Float/dock memo editor window
    • Various bug fixes

    Version 8.1.27

    Release date: 2017-11-23

    • Multi-language interface (English, German and Spanish available for now, other languages to come)
    • Global filters
    • Switchable library location (create new libraries, switch to different existing libraries, move documents to a different library); supports work from different locations
    • Project snapshots (document the work process by saving different versions)
    • Savable project preferences (remember windows positions/sizes, open tools, etc. )
    • Savable application preferences (customize important aspects of the program)
    • Improved work flow for scope option in Query Tool
    • Drag and drop in Query Tool
    • Word List option replaces Word Cruncher,
    • Improved dialog for auto coding
    • Universal Excel export
    • Import and export of code lists
    • Improved team project workflow
    • Renaming option when importing projects
    • Many reworked and improved dialogs
    • Revamped icons

    ATLAS.ti 8.4.5 (build 1136)

    Release date: 2020-11-11

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • ATLAS.ti 9 is now available. Added a notification to tell users who don't read these release notes. (and thank you for reading the release notes, dear reader!)
    • Fixed a crash when trying to import an ATLAS.ti 9 project.

    ATLAS.ti 8.4.4 (build 1135)

    Release date: 2019-09-17

    New and Improved

    • Ensured compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina. ATLAS.ti is now notarized by Apple.
    • Added 1.75x playback speed for multimedia documents.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • QDPX project file imports from other programs are now more reliable.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause windows to flicker.
    • Prevented a crash when duplicating entities from a manager with grouping enabled.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after printing documents.

    ATLAS.ti 8.4.3 (build 1077)

    Release date: 2019-07-24

    New and Improved

    • Improved performance with large projects.
    • Network editor now shows membership for smart groups.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Various improvements and fixes to REFI QDPX export and import.
    • Fixed a crash when trying to do inter-coder reliability analysis on unplayable multimedia documents.
    • Fixed an issue when dragging a code onto another code in the document margin.
    • Improved reliability of Twitter import for tweets containing certain problematic characters.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur if the computer's user name ended with a space.
    • Various minor improvements to texts and translations.

    ATLAS.ti 8.4.2 (build 974)

    Release date: 2019-04-26

    New and Improved

    • Improved link inspector.
    • Added inspectors for memo links in network editor.
    • Improved default margin and document view width, and behavior when resizing the window.
    • Improved copy functionality.
    • Reference manager import now also imports the collection name.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed some issues with main menu and context menu.
    • Prevented a crash that could occur when selecting "edit comment" in some cases.
    • Fixed a crash when using the query tool without having any codes in a project.
    • Fixed a crash when unlinking codes via the inspector.
    • Reference manager import now works faster, more reliably, and uses less memory.
    • Fixed a crash when right-clicking on certain combinations of entities in the project explorer.
    • Cmd+S now always saves the project, regardless of which window is open.
    • Improved interaction in quotation preview lists.
    • Fixed issues in Brazilian Portuguese translation.
    • Improved reliability of REFI codebook format import.
    • Quotations in inspectors and split code tool are now sorted properly.
    • Fixed some minor user interface issues in geo documents.
    • Improved "select all" in PDF documents.

    ATLAS.ti 8.4.0 (build 922)

    Release date: 2019-03-18

    New and Improved

    • New: Chinese translation.
    • New: Brazilian Portuguese translation.
    • New: REFI QDPX support. ATLAS.ti now supports exporting and importing projects in the open QDPX format. Menu Project ▶︎︎Export Project as QDPX… (or Import Project…︎)
    • New on Mac: Open in network. Right-click on any entity to open it in a network.
    • New: Statistical data spreadsheet export. Menu Project ▶︎︎Export Statistical Data…
    • New on Mac: Split code tool. Refine your coding by splitting codes. The original linking, comments, color, etc. are retained in the split codes. Right-click on a code to access this tool.
    • New on Mac: Import reference manager data. In your reference manager, export in Endnote XML format, and import in ATLAS.ti. ATLAS.ti will import the documents and create the appropriate groups. Menu Document ▶︎︎Import Reference Manager Data…
    • New on Mac: Query Tool: Find, read, and directly code quotations by querying codes, and save your queries as smart codes. Menu Analysis ▶︎︎Query Tool
    • New: Coding previews. You can now read (and code!) quotations directly in the list of coded quotations you get when double-clicking a code. You can also create document groups right from this list, or export a spreadsheet or create a report.
    • New: Add timestamps to memos and comments by hitting Cmd+d or via Menu Edit ▶︎︎Insert Timestamp.
    • New: Import (and export) document groups as spreadsheets: Export a spreadsheet of all your documents, and edit group membership there. Menu Project ▶︎︎Import/Export Document Groups…
    • Margin improvements:
      • Double-click a quotation in the margin to read and edit its comment. (For multimedia documents, hold down ALT while double-clicking.)
      • Double-click a memo in the margin to read it in a small preview. You can see a list of the quotations the memo is linked with from the context menu.
      • Double-click a code in the margin to read and edit its comment.
    • Code-document table and code cooccurrence table improvements:
      • Added an option to show groundedness and number of items in table headers.
      • Added Compress button to remove all empty rows and columns.
      • Added binarize option to code document table to quickly see and count in which documents or document groups a code is used.
      • Improved spreadsheet export.
      • Orientation can now be pivoted.
      • Visual and user interface improvements.
    • Word cruncher improvements:
      • Choose which documents, codes, or quotations for scope. It is also now possible to open the word cruncher from the context menu to crunch words on the selected entities only.
      • Add and remove words directly to/from stop and go lists from the word cruncher context menu.
      • Global quotation filter now filters word cruncher as well.
    • All documents (including text documents!) and networks can now be zoomed with the keyboard via Cmd++ and Cmd+-, Shift+MouseWheel, trackpad pinch, or via Menu View ▶︎︎Zoom In/Out.
    • Improved "copy" from lists and network. Try copying in a network and pasting in Word, or pasting your copied network nodes into another network!
    • Added search field to many lists.
    • Remove entities from groups via context menu in managers and inspectors.
    • Create smart codes and smart groups from the context menu of codes and groups.
    • Create groups from selected items in networks.
    • Spreadsheet exports now have a sheet detailing their contents.
    • Added a comment field to the project explorer navigator.
    • Hit Cmd+Shift+F to do a full-text search in the whole project.
    • Quotations are now easier to click in the margin.
    • Many other small usability and performance improvements.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when attempting to change the relation of certain links.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when migrating libraries.
    • Projects including transcript imports are now compatible with the Windows version.
    • Global code filter now correctly filters codes in margin.
    • Corrected an issue in redundant codings analyzer for image documents.
    • It is now possible to drop quotations etc. directly on blue needles in geo documents, as it is for all other documents. The blue needles now also have a proper context menu.
    • Improved checking for updates. Please tell your colleagues to check for updates manually, because older ATLAS.ti versions sometimes forgot to look.

    ATLAS.ti 8.3.1 (build 573)

    Release date: 2018-11-13

    New and Improved

    • It is now possible to copy document, code, quotation, memo, network, or group names from lists.
    • Copied documents, codes, quotations, memos, networks, or groups can be pasted into networks.
    • It is now possible to copy a word from the Word Cruncher.
    • You can now see (and remove) group members from the inspector of a group.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Prevented a crash when undoing after editing a comment.
    • When importing from Twitter, quotations for retweet authors are now correct.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exporting a report.
    • Prevented a crash when attempting to change an internal-use relation.
    • Creating feedback mail is now more reliable.
    • Inspectors now update list item height correctly.
    • Fixed inspector background color on macOS 10.14 Mojave.
    • Corrected an issue where inspectors would sometimes fail to display a comment.
    • ATLAS.ti will now ask for deleting orphaned quotations less often.
    • Project info window now also displays number of networks.
    • Minor improvements to German and Spanish translations.

    ATLAS.ti 8.3.0 (build 567)

    Release date: 2018-10-04

    New and Improved

    • Transcript import and playback.
    • Relative frequencies in code document table.
    • Find redundant codings.
    • Improved performance.
    • Auto coding now remembers last used search terms.
    • Duplicate documents, memos, networks, and groups.
    • Take smart code and smart group snapshots.
    • Show code groups, memo groups, and networks in the margin.
    • Add nodes to network from a list.
    • Double-click a code in the margin to view and edit its comment.
    • Import up to 1000 tweets per Twitter query.
    • New PDF documents now contain fewer superfluous characters.
    • Many small user interface improvements.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when importing multiple documents including non-importable ones.
    • Prevented malformed survey imports from crashing ATLAS.ti or generating invalid documents.
    • Improved reliability of codebook imports containing illegal characters.
    • Fixed quotation sorting by location.
    • ATLAS.ti does no longer force itself to the foreground during long-running tasks.

    ATLAS.ti 8.2.4 (build 559)

    Release date: 2018-06-28

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed startup issues for trial version.
    • Fixed a crash when creating reports containing audio quotations or documents.
    • Resolved an issue with Twitter authentication.
    • QDC format now properly exports empty code groups.
    • Minor UI improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 8.2.3 (build 556)

    Release date: 2018-05-25

    New and Improved

    • Updated privacy policy to comply with GDPR.
    • Added an option to opt in to anonymous telemetry gathering.
    • Improved performance for large projects.

    ATLAS.ti 8.2.2 (build 554)

    Release date: 2018-05-16

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Prevent a crash when updating from very old versions of ATLAS.ti.
    • Uncolored codes no longer become black when exporting and importing a codebook in XLSX format.
    • Spacebar and other keyboard controls now continue working properly after coding via drag and drop in multimedia documents.
    • Fixed a visual glitch with selections in intercoder agreement window.
    • Code cooccurrence explorer now properly displays code colors on all levels.
    • Multimedia snapshots now have more accurate timing.
    • Prevent the short skip that could occur in some multimedia documents when resuming playback.
    • Various minor GUI improvements.

    ATLAS.ti 8.2.1 (build 550)

    Release date: 2018-04-27

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Improved chapter detection for auto coding.
    • Repaired some user interface issues, especially on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
    • Improved legacy project import.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some customers from upgrading.
    • Prevented some crashes.

    ATLAS.ti 8.2.0 (build 547)

    Release date: 2018-04-20

    New and Improved

    • New Icons!
    • Inter-Rater Agreement analysis. Menu Project ▶︎︎Intercoder Mode
    • Automatically code focus groups. Menu Code ▶︎︎Code Focus Groups …
    • Twitter import. Menu Document ▶︎︎Twitter Import︎︎
    • Code cooccurrence explorer. Menu Analysis ▶︎︎Code Cooccurrence Explorer︎︎
    • Support for importing and exporting codebooks in vendor-independent QDC format. Menu Code ▶︎︎Import/Export︎︎
    • SPSS export. Menu Project ▶︎︎Export SPSS︎︎
    • PDF annotations can now be displayed. Menu View ▶︎︎Show Annotations︎︎
    • Document export. Menu Document ▶︎︎Export Documents …︎︎
    • Create multimedia quotations by setting in/out points.
    • Improved stop/go lists for word cruncher.
    • Quotation previews in code cooccurrence table and code document table.
    • Project explorer navigator.
    • Multiple selection in project explorer.
    • Improvements to Excel outputs.
    • Added a column for groups to code, document, network, and memo managers.
    • Added "Expand to chapter" option to auto coding.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Clicking links in text documents now opens them in the default browser.
    • Fixed an issue with selecting text in documents by double-, triple-, or quadruple-clicking.
    • Improved import of documents containing Emoji families that make use of the Zero-Width Joiner character.
    • Filters now always update.
    • Improved performance of dragging selections in multimedia documents.
    • Changing the extent of a multimedia quotation is now less finicky.
    • Fixed issues when merging multiple codes.
    • XML export is now compatible again with Entity Mapper.
    • Fixed issues with exporting or importing certain projects.
    • Repaired drag-selection in network views.
    • Prevented a crash when closing a network view that had been moved to a new window.
    • Network views now don't stop updating after switching to a different tab and back.
    • Groundedness numbers in add code dialog suggestion dropdowns are now more up-to-date.
    • Various minor improvements in UI, stability, and speed.

    ATLAS.ti 8.1.3 (build 522)

    Release date: 2018-01-17

    New and Improved

    • Merge multiple codes by selecting them and dragging them onto a code.
    • The dialogs for adding codes or creating codings now have discernable titles.
    • When importing a project by double-clicking it in the Finder, ATLAS.ti will now open it after importing.
    • Managers can now be made much narrower than before.

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a migration issue.
    • Prevented a crash when dragging codes.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after deleting entities that are used as global filters.
    • Resolved user interface issues on macOS 10.13 High Sierra when exporting tables.
    • Fixed an issue when merging certain projects.
    • Improved readability for very dark links or codes when selected in the margin.
    • Emoji families now stay together when used in in-vivo coding and quotation names.
    • Fixed a display issue in the margin after flipping a link.
    • Minor improvements to German translation.

    ATLAS.ti 8.1.2 (build 517)

    Release date: 2017-12-08

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed an issue with project imports.
    • When closing a project, the cancel button now behaves as expexted.
    • Resolved an minor issue with previews in the project explorer.

    ATLAS.ti 8.1.1 (build 515)

    Release date: 2017-12-04

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed a crash when importing documents.
    • Fixed a crash in Project explorer.
    • Project explorer does not close branches unexpectedly anymore.
    • Resolved a graphics issue with the navigator filter.

    ATLAS.ti 8.1.0 (build 510)

    Release date: 2017-11-23

    ATLAS.ti Mac is now ATLAS.ti 8 Mac!

    Version numbers for ATLAS.ti for Windows and Mac now follow the same scheme, which makes talking about new features much easier. Your current ATLAS.ti Mac license is, of course, still valid.

    New and Improved

    • Choose library location: Move your ATLAS.ti library to a directory of your choice, or switch between libraries.
    • Geo documents: Go to Documents -> New Geo Documents to try it out. (Requires macOS 10.11 or newer)
    • Global filters: Right-click on any group to set it as global filter.
    • Import projects from ATLAS.ti for Android.
    • Multimedia playback speed now has more fine-grained options.
    • Import cooccurring codes in networks via context menu.
    • Code-Documents table now shows a quotation list for the selected cell.
    • New look for networks (same as ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows).
    • Stop lists can now also be imported from Excel files.
    • Many small UI improvements.
    • Performance improvements in managers, project and survey import, networks, inspectors, queries…
    • Support for importing HEIC/HEIF files introduced with iOS 11. (Requires macOS 10.13)

    Fixed Bugs and Crashes

    • Fixed issues in project import.
    • Stop lists now survive restarting ATLAS.ti.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when using ATLAS.ti in full screen mode and switching desktops.
    • Graphical Quotation previews now display correctly for transformed PDFs.
    • Reports now show comments for nested entities when enabled.
    • Fixed overlap query operators.
    • Undo adding nodes to a network works now.
    • Fixed display of selections in PDF documents on macOS 10.13.