Inter-coder Agreement with ATLAS.ti

Über dieses Training

Are you working in a team, but you don't know how to harness the inter-coder agreement (ICA) tools of ATLAS.ti? In this course you will learn the methodological foundations of ICA. As part of the course, you will go through all the steps from setting up a project, coding, merging, calculating and interpreting the ICA coefficients. You will also receive an official ATLAS.ti Academy certificate!

Sie werden lernen

  • What inter-coder agreement is
  • How inter-coder agreement is calculated
  • How to set up a project and coding practices for inter-coder agreement
  • How to interpret and report inter-coder agreement results

What participants say

Philip (post grad student): "For me, reliability of data and its analysis is a very important part of a student’s thesis. Whether the student is coding the data him/herself, or as part of a team, it is really important s/he pays attention to reliability. Individual students in particular can fall foul of the question of reliability by wrongly assuming what they have done themselves is adequate and not making use of proven mechanisms to check and underpin such assumptions.

Attending the course was a great way for me to learn about data reliability mechanisms, but what I found really helpful was the way Susanne incorporated not only the rationale and logic (and some maths!) behind the theory, but you also gave detailed process steps for implementing the methods in ATLAS.ti, which we then used in class exercises. Thus, as a small group, each of us was able to share the data files, code data, and act as ‘principle investigator’ importing and merging the files back to a single project to trigger the results – at a simple press of a button, thanks to ATLAs.ti - which we then interpreted with Susanne's guidance."

PhD student: “Through this course I gained both a conceptual understanding of what inter-coder agreement is and how to measure it using ATLAS.ti. After taking this course I have the ability to successfully conduct my own inter-coder agreement analysis and interpret the results. This course is great for researchers both new and experienced with qualitative data analyses.”

How to register

This is a half-day training (with a total duration of four hours) via Zoom. You can see the date of the next training on the right-hand side of this page. Simply select the price that corresponds to your role. After booking the training, we will send you a link where you can register and receive access to the training.

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