Das ATLAS.ti Reseller-Handbuch enthält wichtige Anleitungen und Informationen für unsere Reseller. Also solches bietet es Antworten auf die häufigsten Fragen. Bitte verwenden Sie dieses Handbuch als Ihre erste und zentrale Informationsquelle.

Das Reseller-Handbuch ist derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.


ATLAS.ti prices are published on our web site. Please always go to the Online Shop for current prices and to place orders. Note that you will not need “part numbers” etc. to do so, simply use the interactive order form.

Reseller Discount

Our standard reseller discount is 10%. We may be able to offer you a higher discount over time but this can solely and exclusively be based on sales volume.

Ordering Process and Payment

To place an order, simply go to our online shop. Proceed as follows:

  • Select the desired product
  • Click “order now”
  • In the “Shopping Cart” verify the correct product selection, go back and correct, if necessary
  • Click “Preoceed to Checkout”
  • Click “Partner Login”
  • Log in, using your user name and password given/selected at the time of application (If not sure, please contact cleverbridge; only they can help with your password/login information)
  • In the “Licensee Address” field, enter the information of the person to whom this product is to be licensed. Do NOT enter your own data!
  • You are now shown your selected products at a discounted price. Complete your order by selecting your preferred type of payment.

Please note that we do NOT automatically accept purchase orders; purchase order can be requested individually from us and are approved only on a case-by-case basis.

Payment for your order can be made in many different currencies, probably including yours. While we only show EUR, USD and GBP on our web site, you can select from a much larger number of currencies in the Shopping Cart (second page after having clicked the order button) and for the rest of the ordering process.

Resellers can make payment by credit card, check, or bank transfer. Purchase orders are possible if we have OK’ed them beforehand. In this case, payment must be made within 30 days after placement of the order.

Of course, you can also place your by phone or fax through cleverbridge AG (see below).

Orders By Phone Or Fax

If you prefer to order by phone or fax, please contact cleverbridge directly. We strongly recommend that you first generate a written quote for your order see here.
The quote automatically contains all required information, such as product ID, VAT, S/H etc.

Please remember that all ORDER-related inquiries (orders, follow-ups, “where is my order” etc.) can only be answered by cleverbridge . The ATLAS.ti support team will NOT be able to help you with any such questions.

Sales Partner, Sales Agreement, Support

Please remember that your purchase (and hence your purchase contract) is NOT with ATLAS.ti GmbH but with our e-sales partner cleverbridge. Please contact them directly with all questions re. your order, delivery, payment, as well as lost passwords, user names, etc. ONLY THEY ARE ABLE TO HELP YOU WITH THIS KIND OF ISSUES, not the ATLAS.ti Support Team!

Purchase and Lease Licenses

ATLAS.ti licenses are available for purchase (single, multi-user) and lease (multi-user only). All types of license INCLUDE full online support as well as regular updates (= service packs). LEASE license also include free upgrades to the next major release (during the lease period).

Discounted Licenses

ATLAS.ti makes available discounted EDUCATIONAL licenses. These licenses may only and exclusively be sold to accredited educational institutions as defined in our Educational Terms and Conditions and their staff and students.

The reseller must reasonably ensure that a customer meets the requirements of an officially accredited educational institution as stated in the ATLAS.ti Educational Terms and Conditions, and must inform the customer of the conditions under which the discounted license was granted.

We reserve the right to request official written proof of educational status in each case where an educational license has been sold. The reseller may be charged for the difference between the discounted and the full price in each case where such proof cannot be produced and the customer was not explicitly made aware of the conditions under which the discounted license was granted.

Non-profit organizations or other organization seeking special discounts are NOT eligible for educational licenses but may qualify for non-commercial (also called government) licenses. A non-profit organization wishing to be considered for a special discount beyond that will need to contact ATLAS.ti to request and discuss such a discount. Resellers are not at liberty to determine which organization deserves a discount or to promise such discounts.

Government agencies and supra-national institutions (such as EU, UN, etc.) can obtain government/non-commercial licenses.

Excluded Products, Limitations

We currently exclude certain types of licenses from sale by resellers:

  • Student licenses
  • Leased licenses/license subscriptions (available only to Certified Resellers, see below)

Please do not accept orders for student licenses. They are available exclusively via the ATLAS.ti web site and must be applied for by the customer directly.

Campus Licenses: Please note that Campus Licenses (like all subscription licenses) can exclusively be sold by Certified Resellers. The reseller discount for Campus Licenses is limited to a maximum of 10% for all resellers (even if your discount is normally higher). The reason is that we handle all the adminstrative activities and support which is considerably higher than with other licenses.

Leased Licenses / License Subscriptions

Resellers wishing to obtain and sell ATLAS.ti leased licenses need to know and be aware of several important facts. Please read the information carefully.

We extend the right to “sublease” ATLAS.ti leased licenses to those resellers who
a) Expressly agree to abide by the terms and conditions given below and who
b) Can demonstrate the ability to handle subscription licenses in a competent manner by answering a set of questions.

Upon successful completion of this test, we grant you the title of “Certified ATLAS.ti Reseller.”

Apply and take the test online.

IMPORTANT: By selling a leased license (subscription) to a customer, you enter into the following obligations:

  • You must designate one (and only one) contact person responsible for all aspects of ordering, billing, and communication in regard to leased license purchases.
  • You must forward a copy of the ATLAS.ti “Conditions of Use” to the end user along with the product. These terms are binding to the end user and must be accepted before the product is used.
  • Just like when making a purchase from our distributor, you enter into a legal agreement with our sales partner (cleverbridge AG), NOT with ATLAS.ti GmbH. cleverbridge handles all our orders on our behalf and is our exclusive disributor. The terms and conditions given here AMEND the regular Terms and Conditions of our subscription licenses. Consequently, when you order a lease product, cleverbridge will be the contractual partner for this transaction. cleverbridge will bill YOU, not your customer, for the annual fee.
  • It is therefore in your own interest (and your own responsibility) to bill your customer in a timely manner.
  • Billing cycle: Our leased licenses are billable annually, i.e. once per year. You are advised to adjust your own billing cycle vis-a-vis your customer accordingly, i.e. you should use the same billing cycle.
  • Just like with our purchased license, you will be billed at your normal reseller discount.
  • Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions of ATLAS.ti are binding. You are not allowed to create your own set of terms.
  • Cancellation: Our product lease is automatically renewed each year and must be actively cancelled. i.e. does not expire on its own. We require substantial prior notice to cancellation of a product lease. As a reseller, you should contact your customer in time for the next billing cycle in order to avoid “getting stuck” with the bill.
  • Lease Termination: A license lease is officially considered terminated when your cancellation notification has been received by cleverbridge within the stipulated time-frame–six weeks prior to the next billing date. Your cancellation notification must contain the license key of the license in question. NOTE: Your subscription is considered active as long as these conditions are not met, and you are billed accordingly, even if your customer has properly cancelled the subscription with you.


We hope this information will prove useful to you. Should questions arise nonetheless, please feel free to contact us via the ATLAS.ti Support Center. We will gladly assist you in all technical as well as product- and license-related matters.

Remember, though, that all ORDER-related questions should be directed exclusively to cleverbridge – only they can help you with this type of questions as well as with your login data/password.

We are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with you as a reseller of ATLAS.ti and wish you success and good luck in all your efforts and endeavors!

Presentation Guidelines

Proper representation of our product and our corporate design is very important, and we expect our resellers to follow some basic guidelines in this regard.

Spelling Conventions
Please note that the correct (and ONLY authorized) spelling of our trademarked product name is “ATLAS.ti,” not Atlas.ti, Atlast.ti, Atlas/ti, or any similar derivations. Please review your product texts and change the spelling accordingly.

Please make sure the ATLAS.ti logo image does not appear stretched or distorted (e.g., by non-matching size values in the HTML code)., i.e. that is presents a clean and crisp appearance. Please use either one of the .EPS files we have available for you, or let us know what specific size you need. Simply changing the dimension of a bitmap image (.gif,.jpg) usually does not yield a satisfactory result.

If you use screenshots or other images from our web site, please make sure that the images on your page actually work, i.e. that the links are correct. Empty / missing images create a negative impression and are to be avoided. When you link directly to images on our site, use the correct path (see below).

Links and Paths is the official and ONLY path to our web site. Do NOT use “,” as it is for German speakers only and will also not work for links to inline resources.

Information Structure
We place a lot of importance on clear, concise organization of the information presented on each page. Usability, and in particular an easy-to-read text flow, is very important to us, as it partially represents the principles inherent in our software. In other words: since one main use of ATLAS.ti is for organizing, structuring, and gaining easy access to bulk information, we make every effort to present our own information as usable and user-friendly as possible. We ask that you try to likewise, i.e. try to optimize as much as possible the text passages that you use, both stylistically as well as visually. Using headings, different font-sizes, and otherwise differentiating the various layout sections of that page would already make a difference and create a better impression on the customer.

Please keep all content on your ATLAS.ti product page(s) current at all times.

Product Portfolio
Because of technical limitations, not all products are available for sale by our resellers. Please always refer to the ATLAS.ti Reseller Guide to be informed about the available product portfolio. Do not list products not available to you on your ATLAS.ti product pages.

Important Points To Remember

We specifically would like to highlight once again the following most important items from our Terms and Conditions for Resellers and from this handbook:

  • ALWAYS enter the end-user’s contact data as the licensee address during the ordering process exclusively. Under no circumstances should you enter yourself or your own contact data as the licensee!
  • Student licenses cannot be sold by resellers under any circumstances.
  • In order to sell leased/subscription licenses you must have Certified Reseller status. You can obtain this status after passing an online test, see above.
  • Always contact cleverbridge for issues with your payment, delivery, or log in/password.
  • Do not contact our Support for “part numbers” or quotes on standard products. For pricing information and to place an order, always go to the Online Shop