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Focus Groups

Focus groups provide a great way of collecting data for an idea, concept, product, or commercial ad. ATLAS.ti Cloud enables you to capture and understand a group’s perspectives and attitudes about a specific topic.


Interviews are a very popular method to generate qualitative data. With ATLAS.ti Cloud you can analyze the data from your interviewees and comprehend people’s attitudes, behaviors, emotions, and much more.


Surveys provide a widely used tool but are often restricted to numeric insights. Once you work with open-ended questions and analyze them, you can find out why a particular response was provided and refine your survey's data.

Field Notes & Observations

Plenty of research applications involve experiments along with research observations. In ATLAS.ti Cloud, you can easily analyze your field notes and identify qualitative insights based on actions, processes, and other characteristics.

Digital Content & Literature

Nowadays written, spoken, or signed language is widely available in digital formats or as online content. Make use of ATLAS.ti Cloud to analyze your digital content including books and articles in order to discover qualitative insights.

The smartest analysis tools at your fingertips

  • Content Editor

    Our interface is built with the researcher in mind – everything is flexible and enables you to keep track of all your data analysis.
  • Quotations

    Create context for insights: Simply apply codes and comments by highlighting interesting and relevant passages for your research.
  • Auto Coding

    Do you want to speed up your analysis process? Auto Coding is the fastest way of kick-starting your projects and discovering new insights.
  • Smart Search

    The Smart Search supports you identifying relevant content in your documents and automatically offers matching synonyms.
  • Memos

    Using memos is a great way of capturing your findings and drawing conclusions. You benefit by using them as your personal analysis diary.
  • Exports

    Easily export your codes as a QDC (codebook format) or a CSV file in order to use them in other apps like MS Excel for visual presentations.
  • Team Collaboration

    It doesn’t need to be a one-man show: Invite your team members and easily collaborate with others on your research projects.
  • ATLAS.ti Compatibility

    Bring your ATLAS.ti Cloud projects to the next level and expand your research using our full-featured desktop versions on Mac and PC.

Your privacy & security is our priority

  • Data Encryption

    We fully encrypt the data exchanged between your browser and ATLAS.ti Cloud using the latest TLS authentication, providing you with the maximum level of security available.
  • Secure Servers

    Servers can be tricky when it comes to safety and data privacy laws. This is why we exclusively are using highly secure servers, data centers, and hosting solutions located in Germany.
  • GDPR Compliant

    ATLAS.ti Cloud fully complies with GDPR privacy regulations. Your personal information will be protected and we offer a clear privacy policy.
  • 100% Data Ownership

    We understand you are dealing with sensitive information. With ATLAS.ti Cloud you fully own your research data. We will never sell it to any third party, and we won’t look at it unless you explicitly ask for it.