ATLAS.ti in the classroom

Here you will find useful resources for teaching ATLAS.ti. We provide bibliographies, course outlines, teaching aids and video libraries. We invite you to contribute your own resources. If you wish, please contact us . We would be happy to hear from you!


Annotated Bibliography

ATLAS.ti Annotated Biblio Education-March 2015. PDF download.

ATLAS.ti Annotated Biblio Health-March 2014. PDF download.


San Martin, Daniel. 2014. Teoría Fundamentada y ATLAS.ti: Recursos metodológicos para la investigación cualitativa. [PDF]. Click here..

Smit, Brigitte. 2014. Teaching ATLAS.ti in South Africa. Reflections on Doctoral Preparedness. [PDF]. Click here..

Friese 2014. Using ATLAS.ti for analyzing the financial crisis data. [PDF]. Click here..

Scales, Jane. 2013. Qualitative Analysis of Students’ Assignments: A Practical Look at ATLAS.ti.

Class Outlines

Analyzing and interpreting qualitative data using ATLAS.ti.  Gerben Moerman. Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. University of Amsterdam.

Analysing and interpreting qualitative data using ATLAS.ti- 2. Gerben Moerman. Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. University of Amsterdam.

Introduction to Qualitative Research & ATLAS.ti. Dr Petra T Buergelt University of Western Australia.

Literature Review with ATLAS.ti (Spanish). Dr. Neringa Kalpokaite.

Teaching Material

ATLAS.ti Research Blog

The ATLAS.ti Research Blog includes short articles discussing best practices with the software as well as research applications. We welcome contributions from experienced users of ATLAS.ti. To do so, send us an email ([email protected]) and let us know what you have in mind.


All quick tour documents, reference manuals, and how-to guides can be accessed here.

Sample Projects

You may access here sample projects for ATLAS.ti 8. These projects can be used to teach the program. Select the sub-menu ‘Sample Projects.”

Resources Developed by Consultants

Qualitative Research & Consulting (QUARC). Website of Dr. Susanne Friese. Here you will find many resources for learning and teaching ATLAS.ti. Dr. Friese is the author of the book Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti.

Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti-Resources for Teachers. This is a blog created by Dr. Susanne Friese in 2012, in association to her book. Although not so new, the content in this blog is very good.

Video Library

ATLAS.ti Video Library: ATLAS.ti 7 Windows.

ATLAS.ti Video Library: ATLAS.ti Mac.

ATLAS.ti Video Blog.  This is a video library created and maintained by Susanne Friese (

ATLAS.ti Video Library: Lectures on Qualitative Methodology. These are the video recordings from the ATLAS.ti-IIQM webinar series on qualitative methodology.  To see the calendar of webinars scheduled for this year, click here. Look under ‘Webinar Series on Qualitative Methodology’.

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