Beta Test Information
ATLAS.ti 8 Windows

Find important information for ATLAS.ti 8 Beta Test participants below.


Download the .exe file to a convenient folder on your computer. Wait for the download to finish. Then start the installation by double-clicking the file. Enter the license key you received with the installation file when asked.

If you have an existing installation of ATLAS.ti 7, the new installation will NOT interfere with it; you CAN install ATLAS.ti 8 along-side ATLAS.ti 7 without a problem.

Data Safety

You can import your existing v.7 projects in the beta version. A COPY of these projects will be made; the original data will NOT be affected in any way.

CAUTION: Consider carefully the use of test-stage software in a production environment and/or for crucial projects. We strongly recommend that you regularly create secure backups of your ongoing project data while testing ATLAS.ti 8. Use the Export feature for backing up your data. ATLAS.ti GmbH cannot accept liability for any data loss or any similar damage caused by test-stage software.

Issue Reporting / Communication

To report any issues, ask questions, or make suggestions, write to [email protected].

Please report only ONE issue per mail. This helps us to keep track of open issues. If you have multiple items to report, please do so in separate mails.

ATLAS.ti 8 now has a built-in crash reporting tool. If such a message comes up, select OK to send the report. But please also send a separate email describing the issue, i.e. tell us what activity led to the crash.

We ask for your understanding that our development team may not be able to respond to every single message. But your feedback is invaluable to us and your input will be taken into account. We thank you in advance for your willingness to help us make ATLAS.ti 8 a fabulous product and appreciate your time and effort!

Known Issues

The following tools/functions have currently NOT yet been implemented, so don’t be frustrated by their absence:

  • Context menus (right-click functions) and keyboard shortcuts
  • A-Docs
  • PD editing
  • Drag & drop coding
  • Team functions and merging
  • Multi-language user interface

Release Notes

Below are detailed notes on updates, additions, and fixes in subsequent beta releases.

Be sure to always update your installation to the latest service pack. This ensures that you always work with the latest available edition.

Version 8.0.22

Release date: 2016-11-24

  • [Rtf2AHtml Converter] update of converter used for legacy imports -> improved speed on converting plain text – fixed splitted diacrit chars (in different spans)
  • Disable list grouping in managers Implement sorting for end and lenghth of locations for the quotation manager
  • Table (cooc, tagdoc) fixes and improvements
  • Auto-Scroll in Lists and Margin
  • Bugfix deleting docs and doc groups used in query terms
  • Bug fix for wrong AHTML for special combining character
  • Add Context menu to all document viewers except text document viewer Handle Keep code and Keep quotation flags
  • Fix an issue in merging projects
  • Rename entity in network; linking; network group support
  • Comment indicator on margin sub-annotations
  • AutoTooltips for tables and managers, changed Grr icon, renumber button in q-manager, disable renumber in doc manager if nothing is selected (default was ALL)
  • Fixed crash (executed wrong command on misleaded LBMouseUp) [only avoid the execution not fixed the misleading – added debug log]
  • Update SaveAs and Option backstage page when license changed
  • Fix project name issue when duplicating a project Fix thread bug in updating children lists in object explorer
  • Fix Start button label in auto coding dialog
  • Link nodes in network using shift+left mouse button down
  • Sorting Quotation Start
  • Fix an issue with network view groups in the object explorer
  • Fix displaying filters in status bar
  • Added color to modellists, extended filters, replaced filter icon, added twitter option, added and modified nwe layouts, changed default position and size for nwes, activated iremember for nwes.
  • Provide status on the filtering in the status bar in the managers
  • Code retrieving corrected, dag&drop in network editor corrected
  • Fix deleted item issue in saving a project as a new project Add filter functionality and ribbon buttons to the managers
  • Redesigned node popup, changed transfer to project bundle, some table refactorings
  • Margin Layout performance improvement, Test data gen bugfix
  • Cooc export reactivated, previous icon (hopefully)
  • Modify quotation browser for displaying quotations for project, tag, memo, tag group, memo group and smart codes
  • Add show quotation command and context menus to the object explorer
  • Naming rules and quotation naming
  • Fixed: Test reference to Rtf2AHtml converter nuget package

Version 8.0.21

Release date: not released

  • AHtml2 validation was incomplete when Rtf2AHtml converter was tested – converter missed to specify table style: “word-wrap:break-word” – fixed in A7 and A8 (no fix for old TBs)
  • Add Open menu item to Object Explorer. Add Edit Smart Code and Smart Group Query menu item to Object Explorer
  • Fix Update issues when in and outgoing links changed in Object Explorer
  • Add remove from group menu item to Object Explorer
  • Add Split Link menu item to Object Explorer
  • Reworked the text editor ribbon
  • “D” Readibility, drag links to networks, improved icon for new entities
  • Fix for resizing crash in regard to text editor
  • Update the selected entities to a group when the entity count changed or a query in a smart group has changed
  • Add a code number to the new code fields in the split code dialog
  • Prepare for document viewer context menus
  • Fixes for merging network view groups
  • Offers (on stores) e-mail given on last contact using the registry [same will be used on crash reports]
  • Update groups in entity manager when entity group relation changes. Make item under mouse selected when right-click in the project explorer.
  • Fixed: adhoc networks appear in margin
  • NW groups merge, display names
  • Implemented support for network groups on project bundle im- and export
  • NW groups related fixes and tunings, e.g. drag & drop
  • Model change: introduced network groups requires db upgrade (nr. 29) for all new and when saving old projects.
  • Fix for Closing floating Comment editors brings main window on top
  • Fixes the not appearance of TagDocumentTable (Checked Documents, Documentgroups, Code, CodegroupsViewModels Count should be consulted, not the Selected *.
  • Fix an issue aligning check boxes in search tab in managers
  • Keyboard shortcuts for zooming
  • Fix an issue with merging code comments. Fix an issue with opening Excel in Word List Export
  • Fix an issue that prevent populating the type column in the relation manager. Add a column for the usage count to the relation type
  • Add title to the relation type context menus
  • Fix an issue with dropping an entity to a quotation that already is linked to the entity
  • Fix group context menu for the code manager#
  • MM: Now possible to skip back before a selection / quotation start end while playing

Version 8.0.20

Release date: 2016-11-04

  • Text Document resize correctly after deactivation and activation
  • Moved embedded notification to the bottom part of the window
  • Disabled Quick-Access-Toolbar item customization in ribbons
  • Correct sub-annotation width calculation in margin
  • Dbl-click on primary tab item floats it, Middle click closes it. Enlarged the expand click area in the tree view of object explorers
  • Cooc Table fixes, row col list swapt, indicator, removed selection ribbon group
  • Multiselect back in town, lighter comment icon, started viewmodel forTwitter query, naming: family -> group
  • Pop out editor icon, code colors in browser, changed network splitbutton to button
  • Deletes selection after the right clicking into empty area
  • Replaces “P” with “D” in the comment editor caption.
  • Fix for capture video image
  • Asynchronous Twitter authentication
  • Edit comment context menu in NWE
  • Margin Doubleclick via double dispatch (almost complete)

Version 8.0.19

Release date: 2016-10-28

  • Set open duration for quotation comment in margin area to 30 sec.
  • Icons and Ribbons fixes, preparing double-click action in margin, several
    sandbox fixes
  • Fix help text for quick coding ribbon buttons. Change dropping entities onto the margin area to replace coding/hyper link or add coding or hyper link when CRTL is pressed
  • Performance improvements
  • NWE preview, relations, open network on link

Version 8.0.18

Release date: 2016-10-26

  • Add open group manager / open manager to document, tag, meno and its group managers
  • Icons and Ribbon rearrange
  • Refactored tab groups and names, new A8 icon
  • New selection handle look, settings upgrade call relocated, Twitter apponly auth improved
  • Let the user define the document name in the endnote import. Allow only one author as document group in endnote import
  • Add two columns to the relation type manager for visualizing the layout and line style
  • Add Auto Coding the Analyse Tag to Main Window.
  • Common keyboard short-cuts, Standard message boxes instead of embedded boxes, MM F4-pedal support
  • Numeric column alignment, margin and twitter settings survive updates/builds, header double-click fixed
  • Edit link Comment in document margin, icons modified
  • Fixes the Argument out of range exception caused by selection on the QuotationManager
  • Right align numbers for Tag Document Table
  • Selection of Listview items deleted after a click into empty area of the Listview

Version 8.0.17

Release date: 2016-10-21

  • Replaced “P” with “D” in PD number
  • Fix for the Add Files Command in the Document Manager
  • Changes the text of “Create Codes”-button in the Create Codes Dialog to “Create”
  • Moving bootrapper app back to deployment

Version 8.0.16

Release date: 2016-10-20 (skipped)

  • Network editor D&D re-enabled
  • Only allow codes, memos and quotations to be dragged onto the margin area
  • Reduced PDF memory consumption
  • Add “Remove Color” to color menus in Code and relation type manager
  • PDF extraction problems solved
  • Unify user experience of query tool and smart group editors
  • Open Network Editor allays floating
  • Fix object explorer crash when undo breaks the layers in a document (undo in …
  • Icons, Column alignment, update text formatting, Changed retweet/favorite label …
  • HTML Converter update, part 2
  • Legacy Import Exceptions: catch all exceptions during (main part of) legacy import
  • Fix combo box style. Click inside box opens pop up
  • Add additional columns to the relation type manager
  • Query Tool: improve deleting rules
  • Convert generic commands in link manager to property observer commands for …
  • Fix a issue with not releasing change events when closing an object explorer
  • Fix cached relations in NWE
  • Add Context menus to Browser
  • Terminology: Relations, Project Explorer
  • Added VSIX installer to Code Analyzers
  • Bug fix 2387 Network Editor showing Save-Button
  • Add context menus to network view manager, link manager and relation type …
  • Command line; silent mode
  • Add Context menus to document manager, document group manager, memo manager, memo group manager, tag manager, tag group manager, quotation manager.

Version 8.0.15

Release date: 2016-10-11

  • Project Icons, setmemotype, edit button in group managers, fixed naming
  • Fix a bug when openng the memo group manager
  • Improvements to Text Editor Stability
  • screen tips, icons
  • Fix for Closing a comment editor brings window underneath its parent to front
  • Add Context menu to memo manager
  • Implemented X-ing event for primary and auxiliary items
  • fixed some more warnings
  • Legacy Import: fixed two bugs (fewer exceptions to handle) – also fixed some (code analysis) AT warnings
  • Open manager in front of main window when opened using double click in the object explorer
  • Add edit memo context menu to margin area
  • Add context menu and commands for opening an entity in its manager to the margin area
  • Fixed missing ressource bug, refresh icon
  • Added Undo Redo buttons to floating windows
  • fixed unit tests – session user now will be added
  • Default User: Every time a session is created, it will be ensured a user with the name of the Windows user is set as current (creates one if absent “without modification”) – this fixes imported projects where the owner may be different from the current one.
  • Icons, helptexts update
  • Fix for disabling pasting images into comments
  • IE11 issues almost solved; bootstrapper app on .Net 3.5
  • Modify managers and group manager for showing some entities programmatic ally…
  • Fix dependency issue
  • Network and entity comment editor from NWE
  • Goodbye Network Views! Renamed with some regrets …, disabled memo creation in NWE
  • Analyzers for Dependency Properties
  • Project Import: exchanged buttons/unified icons
  • Add Context menus to Object Explorer
  • Fix: Exception on start of word cloud
  • Disable double click in List Coding Dialog

Version 8.0.14

Release date: not released

Version 8.0.13

Release date: 2016-10-07

  • Icons and split code dialog changes.
  • Quotation location description for manager and reports, reworked media type name.
  • Improvements to Text Selection from Code and Quotations Browser
    A-Docs Manager: implemented delete, rename, search and list update – disabled create – removed “preview” (points list)–exists as extra viewer (open button will follow soon).
  • Window state persistency (code-pd table, cooc table, query tool), some cosmetics.
  • Add Context menus to the Object Explorer Navigator.
  • Fix drag&Drop issues in the document business logic.
  • IE install enabled.
  • Fix a bug where Evernote ignores external references with invalid filenames.
  • Fix a bug that ignores multimedia when importing from Evernote.
  • Moving the position slider of a multimedia document no longer stops the player.
  • Fix a bug with invalid filenames for external resources in the evernote import. Use a popup when linking quotation in the margin area.
  • Use a context menu for selecting the relation type for changing the relation type in the link manager.
  • Legacy Import: cancel support – more progress feedback – minor fixes.
  • Fixes to multimedia documents play / stop issues.
  • Fixed an issue with MM playback rate when the mouse is clicked and hold down to change the playback rate.
  • Fix to avoid the playback rate slider in a multimedia control to avoid a loop where the playback rate commands are enqueued in a long queue for processing.
  • Use a context menu for selection the relation type for linking codes or quotations using drag & drop in their managers.

Version 8.0.12

Release date: not released

Version 8.0.11

Release date: 2016-09-27

  • Fix to GMaps to display correctly
  • Fix for add multimedia document crash and cannot capture video frame at position zero.
  • Style changes code pd table, split code button moved a bit
  • Fix for the Multimedia Time Line Playhead to avoid being partly covered by Preview and Waveform in horizontal orientation
  • PDF model fix. Bug caused wrong PDF locations for legacy A7 HU import.
  • Improved Stability of “PumpMessages” function
  • Add preview for selected quotation to split code dialog
  • Naming, bug fixes, icons, tagdoc table stuff, NWE layout menu.
  • Activated ATLAS.ti Code Analyzers in Solution
  • Mobile Bundle
  • Transfer Bundle
  • Cancel on Transfer Bundle import – fixed ATLASti legacy path (re)naming bug
  • Fixed PDF (compact model) attachment issue on legacy import
  • New project becomes recent
  • Delete Project uses MsgBox for confirmation
  • Fix for font drop down in text editor
  • Fix issue with not updating delete ribbon button in relation type manager when relation is used
  • Update usage counter in relation manager when new links are created or links a cut
  • Double click on a quotation shows the quotation in the document
  • Fix button style for show all and show none buttons in the split code dialog
  • Update Tweet import, new memo in NWE, name fixes
  • Redesign of SplitCodeDialog
  • Fixed CTRL-MouseWheel Zoom in Text Documents
  • Texteditor no longer opens always on top of project window but dependent on the mode of the parent window
  • Fix for AccessVialoation on Back-Step at End of AHtml
  • HTML code is no longer copied and pasted in the comment editor
  • Fixed: PDF Selection/Highlight color update
  • Flatten margin options menu and let iit stay open
  • Naming (cooc), open Geo in doc tab, moved ribbon buttons
  • Bugfix to Text Lookup Table after JavaScript update.
  • Added “Has Comments” indicator to quotations in document margin
  • Fix to Support Coding of Selections and Quotations by Drag&Drop in a Text Document
  • Open the SPSS export in Notepad when choosing Editor as output
  • Fix to enable font family, font size, font color and list elements in the AHTML2 text editor
  • Register adding and removing entities to/from a group for the object explorer
  • Much improved rename dialog icon and image, fixed a entity/quotation comment confusion.

Version 8.0.10

Release date: 2016-09-22

  • Edit entity comment for margin brackets, more context menu icons
  • Edit margin entity comment
  • Edit comment for current document
  • Text editor improvements
  • Separate highlight behavior for mouse over and display all
  • Improvements to text editor validation
  • Rotate layout back in all smart editors
  • Fixed merge quotations dialog appearance and wording
  • Bugfix for text telection in non-default DPI
  • Edit comment for all managers, some steps regarding color change in code manager
  • Merge changes from the “improve text selection” branch
  • Allow entry of TAB in text editor
  • Fixed NWE issues, new layout option, import doc neighbors
  • Greatly improved text selections
  • Set cursor when text editor opens
  • Fixed installer build

Version 8.0.9

Release date: 2016-09-14

  • Fix to keep selection visible when HTML editor loses focus
  • PickRelations as NormalDialog, icons, text and format changes for send suggestion/problem report, set relationtype names to nlsNeutral for now
  • Changed feedback URL to use HTTPS
  • Implemented in-application feedback functionality
  • Fix to resize document viewer correctly when the margin is hidden
  • Backstage tips currently disabled, new icons, new ribbon order
  • Fix to Avoid Exception when Trying to Generate Multimedia Preview of Unsupported File
  • Changed Open-Coding and List-Coding dialogs
  • Multimedia Viewer Timeline Horizontal Mode
  • Fixes and fresh icons for import/export, output
  • Fix for first-time click on a quotation also starts playing it automatically
  • Fixed “Create Report” button label on output/report settings dialog
  • Workaround for crashing MSHTML selection
  • Fixed margin quotations disabled open network view
  • Fixed Network on groups in margin, refactored open nwv from group manager
  • Show current name for project save as, changed an icon
  • Tiles for Rename and Delete project and rename network
  • Twitter, quotation browser caption shows q-count, bug fixes

Version 8.0.8

Release date: 2016-09-05

  • Fixed: No margin scrolling on mouse click
  • Twitter fixes and improvements, eula, ribbon
  • Fixed Tracing Text Selection Bug
  • Ribbon re-reworked, images
  • Use sort expression for sorting the quotation list by name
  • Override key Up behavior of List View when on first item
  • Delete the codes that can be deleted and inform the user about codes that cannot be deleted Do not allow deleting groups when used in a smart group
  • Corrected misspellings
  • Changed title style for margin context menus
  • Ribbon reworked, images, stop scroll in treeviews
  • Allow deleting codes when at least one selected code can be deleted
  • Fixed duplicating tag quotation links when splitting tags
  • Fixed manual confirm with auto coding when invalidate current selection
  • Fix a bug when canceling the Evernote login dialog
  • Redesigned Auto Coding Dialog
  • Open AdHocNetwork (via button) on margin object
  • Credits updated
  • Show incoming and outgoing links as children for memos in the object explorer
  • Updated icons, screen tips, margin ribbon
  • Limit branching of the tree in the object explorer when a node alreay is part of the parent branch
  • Fixed null check in Evernote import
  • Added Validation Error handling to AutoComplete Text Box
  • Support case sensitive grep in project search…
  • Added coding s selected area in document viewer with tags dropped onto it.
  • Create smart code from quotation manager
  • Support for SSPS export
  • Moved export directory for the Evernote Export/Import to appdata
  • PDF preview
  • MergeCodes image restored
  • Added check of TB version (rejecting versions less than 1.1)
  • Added scroll wheel support for open and merge backstage controls
  • Fixed header for list views
  • Fixed some border and visibility issues with the auto complete text box
  • Merge Quotations: fixed issue on transfer of hyperlink
  • Merge button in Q-manager now executes also merge action
  • Added quotation icon and header to the list for selecting the merge target
  • Created a merge quotation dialog.

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