Count on our support for any questions about ATLAS.ti

October 15, 2021

No matter what type of data you may have to analyze, upload it to ATLAS.ti and you will be ready to begin your analysis. Give us a call or chat with us live for any questions you may have, and our team of experts will be glad to help. Learn more about ATLAS.ti in any of our free webinars, and count on the ATLAS.ti Academy for courses on methodology and learning all the finer details of the ATLAS.ti software. We are here to provide our support to anyone and everyone who needs it, which includes license administrators too!

You can easily manage all your users from your ATLAS.ti account page, and the moment any person logs off, their seat will immediately become available for someone else to use it (on Windows, Mac, or Web). Please feel free to reach out to us through the ATLAS.ti software or our Support Center. In ATLAS.ti 9 Windows, go to the Help tab. In ATLAS.ti 9 Mac, go to the Help menu. In ATLAS.ti Web, click on the chat icon in the bottom-right corner.

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