Enjoy the most cost-effective qualitative data analysis solution with ATLAS.ti, including all features in one single purchase!

October 4, 2021

Navigating different software options and feature packages can cause big headaches, but at ATLAS.ti, we want to make your qualitative data analysis as smooth as possible. That is why all ATLAS.ti licenses always include full access to all of the features of the software, with no additional or hidden costs. This pricing model makes ATLAS.ti the most cost-effective solution available.

Although other software may offer a slightly lower price, their basic licenses have only limited analysis functions or obligate you to purchase each version of the software separately. Moreover, ATLAS.ti is one of the few solutions which allows seamless transfers back-and-forth between the native Windows and native Mac versions, so you can effortlessly work across your computers or collaborate with anyone else! You can see some of our users’ testimonials about our support and training team that will help you harness the full power of ATLAS.ti:

Jenny Edwards, PhD, Fielding Graduate University
Just wanted to let you know how valuable the videos that you created are! Your explanations are clear and concise. They were extremely helpful in getting me up and running on both programs! They are also a wonderful resource to recommend to my doctoral students.

Mary P. Martinasek, Research Associate, Florida Prevention Research Center, University of South Florida
Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate your prompt assistance. Yet another reason why I like using ATLAS.ti!

Denise J. Jones, PhD Student Human Services Counseling Capella University
The workshop was wonderful! Having the opportunity to work hands-on with ATLAS.ti to analyze data was invaluable. The instructor was thorough and able to explain things in a manner that could be understood by the layperson.

Sherry Booth, MEd, Doctoral Student Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, North Carolina State University
This workshop went far beyond my expectations in terms of usefulness and applicability to my research. The trainer was not only incredibly knowledgeable about ATLAS.ti, his guidance in qualitative coding of data was invaluable.

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