You can now import your projects into ATLAS.ti Web!

September 30, 2021

Importing projects has now been integrated into ATLAS.ti Web, so you can move your ATLAS.ti Windows or Mac projects into the Web version of the software to keep working on your analysis or collaborating with others online! This means that you can now move from ATLAS.ti Desktop to ATLAS.ti Web and vice versa. However, until ATLAS.ti Web incorporates all of the other features that ATLAS.ti Desktop has, please keep in mind that some parts of the ATLAS.ti Desktop projects will not be imported into ATLAS.ti Web (such as images or networks). Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of this feature to move your project to ATLAS.ti Web to analyze your text data and collaborate in real time with others, and then when you are ready to use the other features you can move your project to ATLAS.ti Desktop.

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