ATLAS.ti gives you access to ALL versions (Windows, Mac, Web, as well as Android and iPad) with ONE license, always!

September 30, 2021

ATLAS.ti is the only qualitative data analysis software that provides all-in-one access to the Desktop versions for Windows and Mac, PLUS the Web version. Our new user management system recognizes where you are working so that license administrators can easily handle all their users from one single account. Everyone with an ATLAS.ti license* can choose where they want to work and easily log in and out of their sessions to work with ATLAS.ti 9 Windows, ATLAS.ti 9 Mac, and ATLAS.ti Web. This also means that, regardless of your license type (semester, student, single user, multi-user or unlimited campus/site license), you can rest assured that you have access to all of the versions of the software, so you do not need to worry about buying the “right” version of ATLAS.ti (Windows, Mac, or Web).

This is also important for license administrators or anyone buying a license for a university, institution, or company. Although one license gives you access to all of the platforms, each of these were natively developed for its own operating system. Rather than simply mirror ATLAS.ti Windows on a Mac computer or in an internet webpage, we have crafted native versions for each platform so that you can fully enjoy all the powerful features of the software in relation to the platform you want to use. In addition to this, our mobile apps for ATLAS.ti (for Android tablets and iPads) are great for field research, and they are available for unlimited use by each person in addition to any license seats they may have. Projects can be transferred 100% back and forth between ATLAS.ti 9 Windows and ATLAS.ti 9 Mac, so you can easily work across your computers and work in mixed teams.

Projects from ATLAS.ti Web and ATLAS.ti Mobile (Android tablets or iPads) can also be imported into ATLAS.ti 9 Windows and Mac, and you can now even import your ATLAS.ti 9 Windows/Mac projects into the ATLAS.ti Web version! For a qualitative data analysis software that offers seamless access to natively developed Windows and Mac versions, as well as access to a fully online version, ATLAS.ti is the only solution! We are also happy to share some users’ testimonials about how easy it is to access and use ATLAS.ti, thanks to our seamless licensing system as well as our dedicated support:

Nicholas Belongie, MPA, University at Buffalo, USA
I want to say thank you for helping me today. With your help I am now able to use ATLAS.ti easier to finish my dissertation. Again, I want to say thank you. The ATLAS.ti support is by far the best support I have ever received from a software company.

Cristina Parajon, Sociology student, Harvard University
ATLAS.ti boasts many benefits including intuitive design. But its customer service really is what wins them the gold star. They reply to emails extraordinarily quickly and in a friendly manner. Especially for those who are not too technologically savvy, ATLAS.ti is the software that will have the patience to deal with you!

Patricia Rocu Gómez, Faculty of Education, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Extremely interesting software which is useful for facilitating and expediting qualitative research. In addition to all of the features the software offers, it has been a pleasant surprise to discover that I can also use it as a database for my literature reviews.

* except “WEB-only” licenses

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