The ATLAS.ti Video Tutorials walk you step-by-step through your analysis

July 10, 2021

The ATLAS.ti video tutorials are conceptualizes in a way to help you at all stages of your analysis. In the Getting started playlist, you learn everything about project set up, data organization and memo use in the early stages of a project. To explore your data, word lists and word clouds are helpful as well as the auto coding functions including Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis. This is covered by the second playlist about Exploring Data.

In the third playlist you learn everything that you need to know about Coding Data, including working with quotations, data retrieval, splitting codes and merging codes. The fourth playlist is all about analysing data. You do not only learn about ATLAS.ti functionality, but also get some background about Boolean and proximity operators, how to use them and how to build meaningful queries. The playlist also shows you how to work with the Code-Document and the Code Co-occurrence Table, the query tool, how to apply global filters and how to use memos to write the building blocks for your report.

Doon a fifth playlist is following showing you how to work with networks.


Here are the playlists for ATLAS.ti 9 Windows:

Getting Started (Win)

Exploring Data(Win)

Coding Data (Win)

Analysing Data (Win)


Here are the playlists for ATLAS.ti 9 Mac:

Getting Started (Mac)

Exploring Data (Mac)

Coding Data (Mac)

Data Analysis (MAc)

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