New features in ATLAS.ti Cloud: Sentiment analysis and import projects from Desktop to Cloud is coming this month!

January 4, 2021

Do you want to quickly and easily examine whether people are expressing positive, neutral, or negative sentiments about a topic? ATLAS.ti 9 Windows and Mac already include these novel and powerful artificial intelligence tools to help kickstart your analysis, and we are excited to announce that ATLAS.ti Cloud also has the first prototype, check it out! Open any document in ATLAS.ti Cloud and click on the sentiment analysis button at the top of the page to automatically analyze where positive, negative, and/or neutral sentiments are being expressed in the entire body of the text. You can choose which code you want to associate to all of the positive, negative, and/or neutral findings, and with a click of the mouse, ATLAS.ti Cloud will automatically code all of the quotations.

Moreover, you will be able to seamlessly move your ATLAS.ti projects across all platforms with the import projects feature this month: Open your ATLAS.ti Windows/Mac projects in ATLAS.ti Cloud, and open your ATLAS.ti Cloud projects in ATLAS.ti Windows/Mac – You get to choose where you want to work on your project! Keep an eye out for this new features, we will announce it as soon as it is released.



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