First agreements for the ATLAS.ti Laboratory in Uruguay

November 27, 2018

The team of ATLAS.ti Latin America has made an important tour of two of the most important venues of the University of the Republic in Uruguay. We taught 3 free workshops of 2 hours on ATLAS.ti 8.3 for windows with the participation of professors and researchers, the faculty of nursing, as well as professors and researchers from other faculties. Both in the headquarters in Montevideo and in the city of Salto, the two headquarters thanked the visit, the personal contact that ATLAS.ti has had this year, to make a personalized contact after two years of accompaniment and closeness with the University of the Republic. With this tour in Uruguay, the team of ATLAS.ti Latin America has concluded for this year 2018, the visits to universities in Latin America.

During the tour in Uruguay, the first agreements and guidelines were established for the constitution and assembly of the first “Qualitative Research Laboratory with ATLAS.ti Support in Uruguay”. During the meeting with authorities of the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Psychology and the National Institute of Hygiene of the University of the Republic, initial agreements have been established so that in 2019 this initiative can be carried out, which is undoubtedly of great importance for the University, as it has been carried out in Brazil and this December in Argentina. For this principle of alliance and agreement, Professor Fernando Bertolotto and his associates will be the ones who, from the University of the Republic, will manage the establishment of the Laboratory together with the team of ATLAS.ti Latin America.

Words of Professor Fernando Bertolotto, at the conclusion of agreements for the beginning of the establishment of the first “Qualitative research laboratory sponsored by ATLAS.ti in Uruguay: “The fact that ATLAS.ti personally approaches our own spaces where we do qualitative research and that you know closely the aspirations, dreams and desires of our researchers have in qualitative research, is something that, without a doubt, not only positions ATLAS.ti as the qualitative software chosen among us as research institutions, and at the same time, our research centers and universities will be able to do our qualitative research work better every day both in Uruguay and in other Latin American countries. I hope that ATLAS.ti will continue to maintain these initiatives of support and face-to-face contact with universities in Uruguay and the rest of Latin America”.


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