ATLAS.ti Cloud

June 25, 2018

ATLAS.ti Cloud is the first fully web-based qualitative data analysis software, and we are thrilled to announce this new version of ATLAS.ti and provide it to you completely for free. You can now organize all of your qualitative data in the cloud, meaning you can manage all of your research documents in one place that you can always easily access – ATLAS.ti Cloud will automatically save and sync any of your work on your projects, all you need to do is log in and you can continue analyzing your data. Structure your documents the way you want, and you can also edit and write additional content on any of your data. Analyze your interviews, surveys, and field notes and observations with ATLAS.ti Cloud.

ATLAS.ti Cloud provides analysis tools at your fingertips. Edit the contents of your data with our flexible and intuitive interface. Analyze the context of your insights by creating quotations: you can apply codes and comments by simply highlighting interesting and relevant passages for your research. Tag your qualitative insights by coding all relevant quotations and use the commenting function to reflect on passages. Use memos to elaborate your personal research diary and capture your findings and draw conclusions.

Do you want to speed up your analysis? You can count on ATLAS.ti Cloud’s Auto Coding and Smart Search to kick-start your analysis and start discovering new insights. The Smart Search supports you identifying relevant content in your document and automatically offers matching synonyms. Just type in your keywords of interest, and ATLAS.ti Cloud will show you all the relevant segments of data for your convenience.


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