Universal Data Exchange Between Multiple QACDAS Programs

March 28, 2018

ATLAS.ti is proud to announce the official publication of QDAS-XML, a universal exchange format for CAQDAS data.

QDAS-XML is designed to enable project data exchange between different CAQDAS/QDAS programs.

The creation of this format is a joint initiative of several QDA software manufacturers and an international group of researchers. All software manufacturers are invited to implement export and import of data in this format, eventually allowing users to share their projects in a product-independent fashion. For details, please visit the project web site at http://qdasoftware.org.

In its first phase, QDAS-XML enables codebook exchange, i.e. a list of defined keywords/phrases that represent themes/concepts of interest to the researcher. The consortium continues its work towards developing a full project exchange standard that aims to enable a complete set of processed data to be transferred between participating programs.

ATLAS.ti has long been a major proponent of this idea, and we are especially happy to announce the first implementation of QDAS-XML (codebook exchange) in the upcoming version 8.2. of ATLAS.ti (Windows and Mac).

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