Update 8.1: Introducing ATLAS.ti 8 in Spanish and German

December 2, 2017

Version 8.1 was released in November. It is a FREE UPGRADE for all v.8 license holders. Simply run the Live Update and enjoy a great many new tools and features, especially in the areas of networks, linking, coding, and enhanced multimedia data analysis. Most importantly however, ATLAS.ti 8.1 also gives you the complete program in Spanish and German. This will finally put the full potential of the program in the hands of users of these two languages. – Online, you will find a full list of the new features. And on our YouTube channel you will find videos showing you how to change the language of ATLAS.ti.

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Because of the Covid19 situation that affects many universities, ATLAS.ti offers all institutional license holders the possibility to easily accommodate home use for students and staff. Please write to [email protected]