News from the ATLAS.ti Office Latin America

November 5, 2017

ATLAS.ti was the official sponsor of the first “International Colloquium of Research on Organizations, Territories and Development” organized by the Prospective Institute of the Universidad del Valle in Colombia. The 2-day event was held on October 30th and 31st, in Cali, Colombia. Researchers from sociology, geography, anthropology, planning, and other related disciplines from Colombia and other Latin American countries gathered to discuss the state of the art of the field. As part of the event, the Latin America team of ATLAS.ti, led by Luis Alfredo Loaiza, offered a 3-day workshop, which served to introduce the Spanish language version of the program. In addition to this conference, our staff gave presentations and raffled licenses at several academic and research units of the Universidad del Valle. We are grateful to the university for hosting and allowing us to present ATLAS.ti to the academic and research community. We’ll be back soon!

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