First ATLAS.ti Summer Workshop Series in Corvallis

September 10, 2017

The week of July 10th was a busy time for the United States/Canada regional office of ATLAS.ti.  That week, we brought together a special group of instructors to teach a series of courses to graduate students, professors, and researchers from all around the United States, Canada and the Virgin Islands. They came to Corvallis motivated by a desire to meet other researchers, establish connections, and learn from renowned experts.

Paul Mihas, from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Ricardo Contreras from ATLAS.ti started the week teaching two day introductory workshops on ATLAS.ti 8 Windows and ATLAS.ti Mac, respectively. Following, we offered a three-day course divided into three units: on the first day, Drs. Silver and Nicholas Woolf, from QDA Services (UK) introduced their FiveLevel QDA Method (see the book here); on the second day, Dr. Trena Paulus, from the University of Georgia (United States), explained how to use ATLAS.ti in the research process, including data collection using ATLAS.ti Mobile, literature reviews and working with Evernote and Twitter data; on the third day, Dr. Susanne Friese, from ATLAS.ti, discussed ideas about how to best structure a coding system and how to engage in data analysis.

Dr. Anna Romer, from the Evaluation Department of Facing History and Ourselves summarized well what the event meant for participants. She said the following:

I enjoyed this professional development enormously and have been waiting for it for 20 years.  The trainers had expertise, were personable and responsive.  I felt like every moment was sell spent and am now energized as I grapple with my own data, coding systems and analysis. Wonderful to be with colleagues who are also engaged in qualitative research, too.  I felt like I was being hosted by old friends in a beautiful place and able to refill my reservoirs with zest and new tools for doing this more effectively.

For us at ATLAS.ti, spending a week with colleagues using our software was invaluable!  Not only we learned first-hand about the interesting kinds of research in which ATLAS.ti is used, but we also received important feedback that will enrich even more the future development of the software.  After all, ATLAS.ti is made by researchers and for researchers. See you all in Corvallis sometime soon!

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