ATLAS.ti 8 Windows Beta-Test

July 15, 2016

ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows is coming in October 2016. To make ATLAS.ti even more powerfull and enjoyable, we invite all ATLAS.ti users to register for the public beta test phase for ATLAS.ti 8 Windows, starting August 1st 2016. Help us make the next generation of ATLAS.ti even better! Contribute by testing pre-release versions and by sharing your experience with us.

In addition to a complete new look, ATLAS.ti 8 offers a number of new features like the import of documents from your favorite reference manager to support your literature review, import of Evernote documents and twitter posts. Word clouds and word lists can now also be obtained from single or multiple selected codes or quotations. Project search (the previous object crabeta-signup-imgwler) has become much more sophisticated. Auto coding allows to search for multiple non-successive terms within a user defined search context like sentence or paragraph. Querying will become much more intuitive with the new visual query tool. And you can be looking forward to exciting new layout options in networks and many other improvements.

ATLAS.ti licenses purchased after April 1, 2015 qualify for a FREE UPGRADE once version 8 is released. So there is no need to wait – start your analysis today, and switch ATLAS.ti 8 for free later.

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