New Tools in ATLAS.ti Mac

May 20, 2016

ATLAS.ti Mac is continuing to steadily developing and expanding its capability as a cutting edge software for qualitative data analysis. As part of this, a New Tools in Macnew software update was released in May 2016, bringing ATLAS.ti Mac to version 1.0.48. Through this update, the interface is now fully available in the Spanish language, the program enhanced its stability, made improvements in a few functions, and implemented three new rocedures.

Now, you can visualize your code system in a hierarchical structure, using both the Code Tree and the Code Forest.  The Code Tree allows you to look at the hierarchy of a single selected code while the Code Forest allows you to see all codes with their hierarchies.  Importantly, through these tools, it is now possible to code from a hierarchical structure. These two new tools are described in this video tutorial (watch here).  This new update also brings the option to visualize hierarchically all objects of the project. This gives a very good synopsis of the entire project, which is useful whenever you find yourself lost in the ‘sea’ of your analysis.  To access this option, go to ToolsàProject Explorer.

In developing ATLAS.ti Mac, the aim was to create a software in which Mac users feel at home, in the Mac environment in which they feel familiar.  ATLAS.ti Mac is a native Mac application, not simply a copy of the Windows version.  ATLAS.ti Mac redefines computer-assisted qualitative data analysis by making it easy, simple ut powerful, user-friendly and fluid. To get a full overview of all features included in ATLAS.ti Mac, the latest offers detailed information about available and planned features for the Mac edition of ATLAS.ti.


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