ATLAS.ti Co-Sponsors Workshop at the University of California, Berkeley

April 4, 2016

ATLAS.ti co-sponsored the University of California with an ATLAS.ti training held on April 2-3 and a free license to win. This is a yearly event organized by the Center for Ethnographic Research. Our congratulations go out to Larry Saxxon, from Fielding Graduate University, United States, who won the license we raffled at the event.  We would like to share what he wrote to us in its entirety since it was so inspiring:

“First of all, and for me most importantly, I am a late returning student; pursuing my doctorate in education at the age of 63.  I had to stop school for several years because of experiencing a life threatening illness.  So, now I often feel like I’m 21 years old all over again because of the sheer gratitude that I have and hold deeply in my heart about life in general. However, that said, I felt compelled to embrace a course of study that I wished might add value to the world in some small manner.

I’m going to be using a Grounded Theory methodology to examine the phenomenon of disproportionality of African American boys in Special Education classifications within American schools. Further, my research proposes to look critically at the question of, whether there is an iatrogenic, hegemonic cultural construct within said schools and if so, whether the disproportionalityLarry Saxxon Raffle Winner may in part be a plausible corollary of disparate cultural classes.  I am only employing these variables as research questions, absent any positivist preexisting theory. My intent is to allow the data to shepherd naturally whatever theory(ies) that may arise through investigating the raw data itself. It’s admittedly a large set of issues to wrap one’s head around but, my hopes are that through employing Grounded Theory, either a validation of… or a defensible explanation addressing these issues will ascend.

The ATLAS.ti software appears to be a natural tool that will, hopefully, enable me to view the vast amounts of data that I am gathering, make some connecting order to them. Hopefully, the process will also encourage the development of some theory that will add to the existing body of both literature and public policy.

Again, I really appreciate the honor of being offered the software for free.  I am learning, all over again that, the financial life of a student can be a bit precarious!”
Best wishes to ou Larry!


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