ATLAS.ti Moves its Headquarters

February 3, 2016

ATLAS.ti has recently moved its Berlin-based headquarters to a larger location in order to accommodate continuing significant growth within the company; especially in the Research and Development department. The former headquarters, located on Hardenbergstraße next to the Technical University of Berlin, had exceeded its capacity limit.

ATLAS.ti’s new base of operation is still located near the university, but is closer to Berlin’s city center. A great advantage of the new facility is its spacious roof terrace which offers a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for the staff. Moreover, numerous gyms, cinemas, restaurants, shops and other Berlin-offerings are now much closer, making the new headquarters both a work and leisure paradise. The address of the new headquarters is Fasanenstraße 77 and is located directly opposite the famous luxury Hotel Kempinski, which was opened in 1952 as the first hotel of the world-renowned Kempinski-Group.

ATLAS.ti Headquarter



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