The New ATLAS.ti Blog is Coming Soon

January 10, 2016

The ATLAS.ti blog is getting a new design and is being integrated into the ATLAS.ti Newsroom. The blog is a great medium for involvement and interaction within the ATLAS.ti research community. In the blog you will find short articles about the features, processes, functions, and research applications of ATLAS.ti. These articles are written by experienced researchers and ATLAS.ti users who are happy to share their knowledge and insights with the broader community. In addition to the articles published in the blog, we will provide you with links to bibliographic resources, the ATLAS.ti video library, training services and other useful information.  Users worldwide have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback to the blog so far. Indeed, in 2015 alone, the blog had 38,000 visits, and we expect an even higher number of visits in 2016.

The reassuring feedback received from users worldwide encourages ATLAS.ti to further develop other important outreach and academic support initiatives. One of these is our partnership with the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM) at the University of Alberta. As part of this, we are implementing two programs: the ATLAS.ti-IIQM Dissertation Award and the Qualitative Methods Master Class Webinar Series. Through the dissertation award we provide monetary support to qualitative researchers who are at the beginning of their academic/professional careers. To learn more about this, visit the program website here. Through the Methods Master Class Webinar Series we promote the development of the qualitative methodology field by inviting internationally known researchers and methodologists to give one-hour free presentations on new insights and developments in the field. This is an excellent opportunity for graduate students, academics, and practitioners worldwide to be up-to-date on qualitative research. Learn more about the series by visiting the program website here.

Due to the frequent and constructive exchange of ideas and information between ATLAS.ti and its users, the software is continuously being revised and improved. As a result of this, Version 8 of ATLAS.ti Windows will be ready for use in the second quarter of 2016 and will bring with it many new and useful enhancements. These will be available for the Mac version of ATLAS.ti as well and will be provided through frequent updates and upgrades.

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