ATLAS.ti Shop Shines in New Light

October 8, 2015

After having re-launched the official ATLAS.ti website at the beginning of 2015, the ATLAS.ti online-shop shines now in a new light. Its clean design and lean layout make it a joy to look at and use.

We have put a great deal of thought into the online shop, to provide you with quick and easy access to our products. Choose the right ATLAS.ti license with just a few mouse clicks. Whether you are shopping from your mobile device or your desktop, the ATLAS.ti online shop will guide you.

For one price, you receive both Mac and PC versions   No matter which operating system you have, you can install ATLAS.ti using either one.

Furthermore, you can browse the ATLAS.ti online shop in 28 different languages and place an order in 39 different currencies.  After completing your purchase, you will immediately receive a link to download the software, which is then ready for installation. Additionally, you have the option to order a boxed CD.

Check out for yourself and be convinced that you won’t waste any time when searching the ATLAS.ti portfolio.

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