Latest Update for ATLAS.ti Mac

August 22, 2015

ATLAS.ti Mac:  Simplicity and Power in Qualitative Data Analysis

Since its launching in September 2014, ATLAS.ti Mac has been expanding its functionality, integrating tools and procedures that researchers deem necessary for optimal data analysis. Now, ATLAS.ti Mac has reached a point of maturity as a powerful qualitative data analysis application.  Developed from the ground up as a Mac native application, but following the footsteps and rich tradition established by ATLAS.ti Windows in more than 20 years of existence, ATLAS.ti Mac represents the synthesis of simplicity, functionality and power.

ATLAS.ti Mac is a user-friendly application that facilitates data organization and analysis for anybody interested in understanding people’s points of view, exploring meanings, and identifying themes and patterns.  From students taking notes in class and organizing their thesis or dissertation data, to researchers conducting complex multi-method and multi-site studies, ATLAS.ti Mac is the solution that allows for powerful analysis in a simple and easy to use interface.  Working with ATLAS.ti Mac is straightforward: you import your sources of information, you read them and select the segments you find interesting,  you attach labels to them in an effort to synthesize the main ideas, and you write your thoughts and reflections.

Following, you visualize all connections between units of data in attractive and dynamic ways, you interrogate the data qualitatively and quantitatively, within cases and across cases, and produce outputs and reports that can be easily integrated into your writing. Whether working with secondary data, conducting literature reviews, analyzing interviews, focus group or survey data, making sense of photographs or multimedia documents, or analyzing social media or geo-data (soon-to-be released), ATLAS.ti Mac is there for you.

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