ATLAS.ti User Conference 2015 – Qualitative Data Analysis And Beyond

June 17, 2015

Join us for the Second ATLAS.ti User Conference: Qualitative Data Analysis And Beyond.

We invite ATLAS.ti users from around the world to come together in an event aimed at fostering an interdisciplinary and cross-border dialog on qualitative data analysis, with a particular emphasis on the role of ATLAS.ti in the research and data analysis process.
Berlin, August 29-31, 2015

The conference will include a number of different training opportunities, symposia, and round tables on a variety of topics.
Keynote speaker, Willie McKether will use a case study to describe how he converted ethnographic and qualitative data, particularly interview data, into social network data and maps.
ATLAS.ti was used to both thematically code the data for qualitative analysis as well as show social networks using the network view function. The qualitative and quantitative functionality of ATLAS.ti will be used to highlight the power of social networks embedded in qualitative data
Following keynote speaker Willie MyKether, members of the ATLAS.ti workforce and community will speak about a variety of topics, for example: Perspectives on software-assisted qualitative data analysis: A systematic literature review (Sanna Herkama & Anne Laajalahti, Finland); Analyzing Photographs and Interviews: Towards an Analysis Model in Ethnographic Research
(Ricardo Contreras, USA); Utilizing ATLAS.ti for analyzing videos in Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)(Ludek Sebek & Jana Hoffmannová, Czech Republic).
Furthermore, workshops on using ATLAS.ti in the analysis of photo-elicitation data; Literature Review with ATLAS.ti; and NCT Method of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis will provide a deeper understanding of ATLAS.ti and its applications. A poster session is included on the practical application of ATLAS.ti using grounded theory methodology; a journey of computer-assisted data analysis with ATLAS.ti, and tech talk about new software development design, taste and how this relates to improving qualitative data analysis. 

Please find the full preliminary edition of the conference program here. 



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