ATLAS.ti commits itself to create best QDA user experience

January 27, 2015

Berlin, 27. Januar 2015 -ATLAS.ti continues to commit itself fully to the aim of providing the QDA Software with the best overall user experience by expanding their software development staff. Also, the Mac version will see the implementation of all features that users already know from the Windows version. At the same time ATLAS.ti is also working intensively to cutting edge technologies.  So, instead of channeling surplus budget into marketing, CEO Thomas Muhr has decided that the users should always be at the center of ATLAS.ti’s efforts. The growth of the IT and support staff is a clear sign that the company is willing to apply this strategy.


2014 was a successful year for the Berlin based company: Growing number of users, the release of the the first Mac Os version and the first ever native Android QDA software release. The same tempo was kept up in regards to the establishment of cooperations such as the IIQM Dissertation Award that was initiated together with University of Alberta and the expansion of the support channels. For the very same reason the training staff of the QDA Software provider will further develop the two major programs, CAST (Certified ATLAS.ti Student Trainer Program) and CAPT (Certified ATLAS.ti Professional Trainer Program), initiated by ATLAS.ti to exhibit a better understanding of the multiple uses of the QDA Software accessible to their customer base. This way, ATLAS.ti makes sure that the future development of their software is driven by one goal only: To create the best QDA user experience possible.


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