New Technology Cooperation Partnership with UseTree

June 20, 2014

Berlin, June 20th– ATLAS.ti has recently partnered with UseTree, a joint-venture research project of the Technical University Berlin and the Berlin University of Arts. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics, UseTree aims at developing new innovative usability solutions for leading software companies in Germany.

Offering optimized usability has always been a central concern for ATLAS.ti. Since its early days, ATLAS.ti collaborated closely with companies testing the usability of its leading QDA-software and providing training for its developers. Hence, every new ATLAS.ti software package undergoes a thorough analysis of empirical user studies (e.g. eye tracking with test persons) to guarantee the highest level of usability.

In this regard the cooperation with UseTree offers ATLAS.ti an excellent opportunity to further enhance and improve its usability, in line with the very latest scientific and technological insights. In every stage of the development of new software, UseTree will provide its expertise to ATLAS.ti designers and software engineers on the basis of regular trainings.

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