How to Use ATLAS.ti Mobile App with the BrowZine App for Literature Reviews

March 26, 2014

Author: Dr. Ken Riopelle

Here is an easy way to use ATLAS.ti’s Mobile iPad app ( with the BrowZine™ iPad app for Literature Reviews. Note: Both Atlast.ti and BrowZine™ have Android app versions too, but for this blog, I will demonstrate this method using the iPad apps.

What is BrowZine™? BrowZine™ is a new way to browse, read, monitor and download articles from scholarly journals as pdf files to your tablet. For more information about BrowZine™ see: ( )

ATLAS.ti;s Mobile iPad app is not just a stand-alone app, but is part of the larger app eco-system, which allows the sharing of files among different apps with a simple tap on your tablet.

In short, use BrowZine™ to browse your favorite journals and download selected article pdfs into ATLAS.ti Mobile iPad for coding and then transfer your ATLAS.ti mobile project to the ATLAS.ti desktop software for more sophisticated analysis.

To start, go to your respective iPad or Android app store and download the free BrowZine™ and Atlast.ti Mobile apps onto your iPad or Android tablet, and then follow these seven steps.

1. On your iPad start the BrowZine™ app and browse your favorite Journals by subject area, title or from your “Favorite Journals” page. After you select a journal and find an article of interest, just click on the title to retrieve and open it.

For example, after selecting the Journal of Organizational Behavior, I found this article “Reflections of Cross-Cultural Collaboration Science” and just clicked on it to retrieve the article and open it. See Figure 1 – Browzine™ article selected for retrieval highlighted in red box.

Note:  BrowZine™ then authenticates your library access Id and password, which is stored in its BrowZine™ settings, and opens up the journal article you selected.

Retrieving an article may take awhile depending upon your Internet connection speed.

Ken Fig 1

Figure 1 – BrowZine™ article selected for retrieval highlighted in red box.

2.  After the article is opened, click the “share” icon  Ken icon 1 in the upper right corner. It is the little rectangle with the up arrow, and then select, “Open PDF in….” from the Document Management options. See Figure 2- Example of how to share an article within BrowZine™.

Note: if you wish, you can save the article to a Bibliographic Management app, like Mendeley, too.

Figure 2

Figure 2 – Example of how to “share” an article within BrowZine™.

3. Choose ATLAS.ti Open in ATLAS.tifrom your selection.

Note: You may have to scroll to the right to locate ATLAS.ti depending on the number of apps you have installed. See

Ken Fig 4

Figure 3 – Selecting ATLAS.ti for sharing an article.

4. The ATLAS.ti app opens and asks you to select either a project to add the document to or create a new project. Choose your ATLAS.ti project or create a new project, and then select your document and code away.

See Figure 4 – Example of adding a document to ATLAS.ti Mobile Project.

Ken Fig 5


Figure 4 – Example of adding a document to an ATLAS.ti Mobile Project.

5.  Here I added a code, “Collaboration: Definition” to a text segment.

Ken Fig 8

See: Figure 5 – Example of Coding a text segment in ATLAS.ti Mobile.

6.  Next, I highlighted a reference that I wish to obtain at a later time, then created a code “Get Article”. After coding my selected references, I can then use the code “Get Article” to list the articles I wish to obtain in a future literature search.

See: Figure 6 – Example of highlighting a reference for coding and Figure 7- Example of assigning the code “Get Article” to a selected reference.

Figure 6


Figure 6 – Example of highlighting a reference for coding.

Fig 6

Figure 7- Example of assigning the code “Get Article” to a selected reference.

7. Of course when you are ready, you can export the ATLAS.ti Mobile Project to the desktop app for more sophisticated analysis. See ATLAS.ti Mobile iPad Manual for more details at:

Enjoy the ATLAS.ti Mobile app with BrowZine™ for your coding Literature Reviews; it is a whole new app-to-app way to work.

About the Author


Ken Riopelle, Ph.D. is an educator, entrepreneur, management consultant and research professor at Wayne State University. His professional career spans over 40 years in both the auto industry and academia.  His primary research interests include: Accelerating the Diffusion of Innovations in Globally Networked Organizations, the study of Collaborative Innovation Networks or COINs, and the Science of Team Science using co-author and co-citation analysis as a method to visualize, measure and understand scientific collaboration.

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