ATLAS.ti Announces the release of ATLAS.ti Mobile for Android

March 13, 2014

ATLAS.ti sets science free: With the release of the free mobile version for Android, essential tasks for qualitative data analysis can now be performed already during field research and enables scholars to conduct research projects wherever their studies take them. With the Android version, ATLAS.ti is further widening its offer for mobile devices, following the release of the iPad version last year.

ATLAS.ti has announced the release of the free mobile version for Android, which is now available as a download at the Google Play Store. Providing many very essential features of professional qualitative data analysis software, ATLAS.ti mobile opens up new opportunities for researchers. In a more flexible way, it is now possible to do both, collecting as well as processing data during field research, at the same time.

Thus, a wide range of data – photos, audio, video or text files – can be collected on location and optionally tagged with geo location info. Furthermore, ATLAS.ti mobile enables researchers to assign, segment and to code these data systematically and conduct basic qualitative data analysis. Later on, the collected data can be easily exported to the ATLAS.ti desktop version to fully leverage its analysis tools, visualization, and team collaboration.

ATLAS.ti CEO Thomas Muhr said, “The simultaneous collection and processing of data for qualitative analysis was often interfered by the physical distance between the researcher’s workplace and the object of research. ATLAS.ti mobile closes this gap.”

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