RECAP: ATLAS.ti User Conference 2013

September 18, 2013

After three days of fruitful discussions, interesting presentations and various meetings between users and developers, the first international ATLAS.ti User conference, which was held from September 12-14, ended in a great success.

Participants from over 20 countries met in Berlin at the Center for Technology and Society of the Technical University Berlin. It was also a return to the roots: The prototype of ATLAS.ti was developed during a research project at the Technical University in 1989.

In this spirit, all participants were delighted to meet the makers of ATLAS.ti and to learn about the history of the software, and to hear about ongoing development and future plans.

Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas on how to use ATLAS.ti for their vastly diverse research projects from a large variety of disciplines.

The most enjoyable aspect for all, however, was the opportunity to meet other users from all over the world, connect well-known names of experts with real faces, and generally have a chance to exchange views and experiences. A grand time was had all around, and everyone resolved that this event ought to be repeated.
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