Free Upgrade: ATLAS.ti 7.1 now available in Spanish

August 6, 2013

As a leading tool for Qualitative Data Analysis, ATLAS.ti continuously improves its software to adapt it to the needs of its user community. Consequently, since a large part of the ATLAS.ti users and QDA-researchers are native Spanish speakers, Spanish as interface language is now available in the recently released ATLAS.ti version 7.1.

Professionally translated, the Spanish version offers the same intuitive and easy to use command language known from ATLAS.ti in English.

The language upgrade perfectly fits into the existing offering for Spanish speaking users, who already have access to a large range of services: Spanish speaking seminars, webinars, manuals or user support.

To see how to switch to the Spanish user interface:

Furthermore, without charging any additional fees, the 7.1. version contains numerous additional improvements and new functions:


  • ATLAS.ti Mobile iPad project import
  • Auto rotation of portrait and landscape view for imported videos
  • Geo button for all documents containing geo references
  • Ctrl-N opens new HU editor
  • Multiselection menu in network editor


  • re-layouted of a number of dialogs to fit other languages
  • improved stability of document management
  • Revived in-place editing in managers
  • PD-Code links drawn in darker gray


  • Improved robustness when reading audio preview information
  • Hyperlink content duplication on double-click in margin
  • New Memo Prompter typo
  • Memo editor caption reflects type

ATLAS.ti 7.1 is a FREE UPGRADE for all ATLAS.,ti 7 users and will be installed automatically via the Live Update.

NOTE: If you are using ATLAS.ti in a team situation, ALL members of the team should upgrade to avoid compatibility issues.

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