FREE iPad App: ATLAS.ti Mobile for the iPad now released!

July 3, 2013

ATLAS.ti has recently received a highly effective and mobile companion–ATLAS.ti Mobile for the iPad. Using this free app you can collect and analyze data wherever you are.

Work on text, audio, video and images. Analyze existing data files or create recordings on location. Working in the field or on the go has never been easier!

ATLAS.ti Mobile for the iPad is the perfect interview tool: Simply record the interview (audio or video) on location, and start segmenting and coding on the way home. Write down your thoughts and ideas in comments and memos. Then simply transfer your project to the desktop version of ATLAS.ti for full leverage of its analysis tools, visualization, and team collaboration. At work, at home, or anywhere in between: ATLAS.ti Mobile keeps you moving right along!

ATLAS.ti Mobile utilizes all the same concepts that you know from your ATLAS.ti desktop application: Primary documents, quotations, codes and memos.

Supported file formats are: Text, PDF, images, audio and video files.

Specifically, the ATLAS.ti Mobile iPad app lets you do all of the following:

  • Create ATLAS.ti projects
  • Record, assign, segment, and code photos, audio, and videos
  • Assign, segment and code existing photos, audio, and videos
  • Assign, segment and code PDF documents, including Web downloads
  • Create and edit text documents
  • Create fine-grained quotation segments in text, images, audio and video files
  • Create and edit comments for all types of objects
  • Create and edit memos
  • Tag images, recordings, videos, and documents with geo-location info
  • One-step export of full project via Dropbox or iTunes file shares

Go to for additional information. You’ll find an overview of its functionality, the official manual for download, and a way to contact our support.

Since ATLAS.ti Mobile for the iPad is brand new, we are eager to hear about your experience and your opinion of this new tool. Contact us at [email protected] with your comments. Or visit us on facebook at Your praise, criticism, and suggestions are highly welcome!

ATLAS.ti Mobile for the iPad is available FREE OF CHARGE from the Apple App Store.

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