Carrie Mitchell (PhD Level) and Holly McKenzie (Masters Level) are the winners of the 2012 ATLAS.ti IIQM Dissertation Awards

May 14, 2013

The International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM) at the University of Alberta has announced that Carrie Mitchell at PhD Level and Holly McKenzie at Masters Level have won the ATLAS.ti IIQM Dissertation Awards.

With sponsorship from ATLAS.ti and IIQM, this award is annually given to the best Masters level dissertation and the best PhD level dissertation, from any academic discipline, containing research based on qualitative methodology. Both winners get $ 3000 cash and an ATLAS.ti software license.

Both winners will be honored at the Advances in Qualitative Methods (AQM) Conference in spring, 2013 or at the Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference in fall, 2013, where the winners will have the opportunity to present their major findings.

Carrie Mitchell has a PhD and MEd from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her dissertation focuses on gender and education in the context of Nepal. She has worked within the field of education and international development in rural areas of Nepal for seven years, as well as teaching in other international contexts.

Holly McKenzie’s Master’s project explores how intersecting sexist, racist, classist, and colonialist discourses render Aboriginal women vulnerable to violence as well as how Aboriginal women resist this violence and the wider discourses that perpetuate it. She completed her MA in Canadian Plains Studies at the University of Regina, where she was honoured to work with a number of Aboriginal scholars, Elders and other community members.

The Dissertation Awards are part of a long-standing partnership between ATLAS.ti and IIQM. Within this partnership also a series of webinars on qualitative methods, the “Qualitative Methods Master Classes”, are organized, in which scholars have the possibility to learn about the latest innovations in methods and exchange ideas about their research.

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