Seminar “Methods and Applications Using ATLAS.ti”

February 6, 2013

The CAQDAS Networking Project at the University of Surrey and ATLAS.ti, present the seminar “Methods and Applications Using ATLAS.ti”. Taking place at the London Knowledge Lab, Bloomsbury, on March 22nd, this seminar discusses methods and applications of using qualitative software, with particular reference to ATLAS.ti. The seminar will be taught by Drs. Susanne Friese and Christina Silver.

Dr Susanne Friese (Quarc Consulting) is a long-standing expert user and trainer of ATLAS.ti and has recently published the only text book available which concentrates solely on the use of ATLAS.ti to facilitate qualitative data analysis. Dr Christina Silver (CAQDAS Networking Project) has been using and training in ATLAS.ti for many years, and brings her knowledge about other CAQDAS applications to her thinking about the use of ATLAS.ti. Together, Susanne and Christina will discuss a range of issues relating to the role of ATLAS.ti, broadly in terms of analysis methods, and also specifically in terms of particular uses.

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