Important New Book Announcement

February 13, 2012

ATLAS.ti is pleased to announce the publication of an important new book:
Dr. Susanne Friese: Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti. Sage Publications, 2011.

Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti is the very first book designed to guide you step-by-step through your research project using ATLAS.ti. It offers clear, practical advice on topics such as: Preparing your data, setting up a project in ATLAS.ti, developing a workable coding system, asking proper research questions, and presenting your results.

Information about the book and ordering is available from
Sage UK:
Sage US:

Read some reviewers’ voices and download a flyer for distribution here:
The book also features a companion web site complete with sample data and additional easy-to-follow tutorials:

We recommend this book highly to any qualitative data researcher and ATLAS.ti user, from novice to the seasoned practitioner alike. Readers are bound to find tips and insights that will prove useful to his or her immediate research needs. Enhance your work efficiency, avoid common pitfalls, and take your ATLAS.ti-based research to a whole new level.

Dr. Friese is one of the most experienced ATLAS.ti trainers in the world and has been engaged in training and consulting for QDA projects for over ten years. A number of her very useful video tutorials are also available from her YouTube channel at

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