New dimensions in qualitative data analysis

April 1, 2009

ATLAS.ti first QDA software to enable broad use of PDF docuemnts and Google Earth™ in computer-aided qualitative data analysis.

In the past decade, computer-aided methods and purpose-designed software programs have developed rapidly. In its latest 6.0 version, ATLAS.ti premieres several unique tools that will simplify qualitative data analysis considerably.

Working with PDF documents

The PDF file format – originally created to display electronic documents true to their printed original – is in widespread use and therefore also plays a central role in qualitative research. Until now, the use of PDF-documents in analysis software was restricted. ATLAS.ti 6 is the first and only QDA program to support PDF natively, that is, without any conversion and while retaining the original document layout.

Because of this, the huge variety of documents in use in nearly all fields–from economics to science, politics, and culture–are now accessible directly and immediately to your QDA work, without any loss in either text, image or layout. Moreover, users can now directly utilize the output of nearly any computer program which can be saved in the PDF format. Everything that can be printed is now available in ATLAS.ti through PDF.

Embedded Google Earth™

Another innovative tool is ATLAS.ti’s new geocoding module. ATLAS.ti is the first QDA program to leverage the full power and functionality of Google Earth™. Unlike with some packages, Google Earth™ information is not merely linked, but its functionality is fully embedded in the application. Users can employ maps and satellite images as primary documents and code, comment, and link segments directly. For quick and convenient storage, screenshots of Google Earth™ views can also be created and assigned.

Transcribing with ATLAS.ti

The third major highlight of version 6 is its text-to-media engine. Using this tool, audio and video files can be transcribed directly, thus making the use external transcription software unnecessary. Hence video and audio segments can be viewed while text transcripts can be coded and played in sync.

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