Data analysis by mouse-click

June 1, 2008

Data analysis by mouse-click

The software ATLAS.ti offers versatile tools for the interpretation of qualitative, multimedia-based data in the fields of labour and organisational psychology.

The typical questions about the labour and organisational psychology, such as the structuring of work, experience of stress or working in an increasingly globalised context, necessitate an intensive dealing with soft data. Within the scope of observations or interviews and in the interpretation of documents, scientists have to analyse bulks of qualitative data and to subsume it. This analyse function needs professional, digital support.

Atlas.ti is the suitable program for it. The software has been developed in line with the requirements of the Grounded Theory for the reconditioning of qualitative data and it is the worldwide leading program for analysing qualitative data.

ATLAS.ti attends to the researcher as digital tool; all data can be marked, arranged and commented directly on the screen. The most important aspects can be linked with each other and be virtualised so that a data base develops on which one can always access and which can be replenished with new findings all the time.

In an assessment of the job satisfaction all relevant factors such as recognition, status of employee´s illness or career opportunities can be depicted and evaluated clearly. ATLAS.ti is applicable likewise for texts, pictures and videos; qualitative video interviews can be analysed by the means of software on the screen.

The ATLAS.ti software is employed successfully by numerous, renowned universities, groups and organisations; among them the users are the Robert Bosch GmbH (Ltd.), Yahoo!, the World Health Organisation as well as the universities of Freiburg, Bamberg and Bielefeld.

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The indigenous version of the software developed in the years 1989 – 1992 within the scope of an interdisciplinary project of the Berlin TU institute of psychology under the direction of Professor Dr. Dr. Heiner Legewie. The project staff of those days and the actual possessor of the company ATLAS.ti GmbH (Ltd.), Thomas Muhr, psychologist and computer scientists, launched the first commercial version in 1993. Since then, the program has been incessantly made over and expanded and today it counts to the mightiest tolls in the area of knowledge management.

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