Reduced workload for qualitative data analysis

January 10, 2007

Software tool enables direct import of data base contents into the QDA software Data bases – an untapped store of knowledge Data bases see to an arranged filing and swift location of knowledge. At any place, where people are working with complex data, there are almost no alternatives to the knowledge management with help of a data base. That applies especially for the field of the qualitative data analysis. Often, data are already raised in structured form like in the framework of an online survey whose results are saved directly in the data base. Until now, there has been a breach between the data base systems and analysis software. An uncomplicated interpretation of the data was not possible as established QDA programs processed files only in conventional memory media. For carrying out an effective analysis, the users have longed to get direct access to the text and multimedia contents from the data bases for a long time. Interface between data base and analysis program The innovative software QUESSY.ti enables importing data base contents into the QDA software directly for the first time. It forms an intelligent interface between the world, the professional data storage and the application programs of the qualitative data analysis. QUESSY.ti allows the complex search through data bases of every range; the specific extraction of multimedia-based contents and the direct import of the results into the QDA program for extensive analysis. The program system QUESSY.ti developed in collaboration with the joint project Thinksupport, supported by the federal research department, and the company ATLAS.ti GmbH. By default, all important data base systems such as Oracle, MSSQl, MySQL and even MS Access are supported. Further data base modules are currently in preparation, among others for Synbase, PostGreSQL, Informix and DB2. QUESSY.ti is initially designed for the importation of data into the ATLAS.ti, but it is adapted for further QDA programs as interface. Actually, ATLAS.ti is the only software worldwide which enables the direct access to data bases and which is included in the same packet as QUESSY.ti. For further information, please see Editorial advice The software ATLAS.ti is the worldwide leading program for analysing qualitative data. The indigenous version of the software developed in the years 1989 – 1992 within the scope of an interdisciplinary project of the Berlin TU Institute of Psychology under the direction of Professor Dr. Dr. Heiner Legewie. The project staff of those days and the actual possessor of the company ATLAS.ti GmbH (Ltd.), Thomas Muhr, psychologist and computer scientist, launched the first commercial version in 1993. Since then, the program has been incessantly made over and expanded and today it counts to the mightiest tools in the area of knowledge management. For further information and a charge-free download opportunity of a demo version please see

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