Digital Support in the Anamnesis

September 30, 2005

ATLAS.ti offers efficient tools to aid quality-orientated medical practitioners in the analysis of patient anamnesis.

Most affections have a background of physical symptoms and changes which cannot be noticed at first sight. Critical analysis of the anamnesis and a detailed anamnesis conversation form the basis of a definite diagnosis in cases of complex, chronic illnesses. Current physical symptoms and the condition of the organ system are part of an overall analysis. Such a questionnaire leads to a very huge, partly unclear patient data volume. In search of the cause of disease and healing opportunities, many physicians analyze this information manually and to subsume them. Such “detective work” benefits greatly from technical support.

ATLAS.ti is the leading computer program worldwide for the analysis of qualitative data. It supports medical practitioners in the analysis and the interpretation of the anamnesis information. Illness patterns as well as the general background of patients can be conveniently displayed and analyzed.

ATLAS.ti serves medical practitioners as a digital tool that lets them segment, arrange, and comment anamnesis data directly on the screen. All aspects of the anamnesis can be linked with each other, thus forming a data base to which the physician can easily return and add with every consultation of the patient. Using ATLAS.ti, similar symptoms of other patients can be examined for common causes.

ATLAS.ti is successfully employed by numerous renowned universities, organizations and research institutes. Yale, Harvard, the WHO, SOS-Kinderdorf, the Max-Planck-Institute and the World Bank count among its users.

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