Compass for the data jungle July 2005

July 28, 2005

Data analysis made easily. The software ATLAS.ti offers manifold tools for the interpretation of multimedia-based data in the fields of the qualitative market and opinion research.

The qualitative opinion research enjoys a more and more great popularity. For developing a deeper understanding of the various requests and values in our society, more and more researchers lean on large-scale, qualitative studies. New and specialised target groups emerge which are underlying to constant change. When observing and collecting these developments regularly, a huge amount of data emerges swiftly which has to be managed and analysed.

For the processing of the data volume, rarely people revert to time-saving computer software. Collecting, arranging and categorising of data are carried out mostly by hand. Often computers are only employed in the connection with small data bases.

The analysis of this qualitative data volume can be carried out today effectively and at low costs by the means of computer programs. In the past decade, suitable programs have developed rapidly In the USA and England, becoming a standard now. The software ATLAS.ti ( is the worldwide leading program for computer-aided analysis of qualitative data and it is used by numerous renowned universities, organisations and research institutes successfully – Yale, Harvard, the WHO, all institutes of the SOS-Kinderdorf, the Max-Planck-Institute and the World Bank are some of the users. The software stands out due to a good usability and versatile tool functions. Using this program, one is not just able to process texts analytically according to their content but also pictures, audio and even video clips. The software allows analysing a film interview directly on the screen and to mark, comment and code video clips. Later, links can be made between the individual codes, thus making coherences visible in a so-called semantic net.

For further information and a free of charge download opportunity of a demo version, please see

Editorial advice:

The software ATLAS.ti is the worldwide leading program for analysing qualitative data. The indigenous version of the software developed in the years 1989 – 1992 within the scope of an interdisciplinary project of the Berlin TU Institute of Psychology under the direction of Professor Dr. Dr. Heiner Legewie. The project staff of those days and the actual possessor of the company ATLAS.ti GmbH (Ltd.), Thomas Muhr, psychologist and computer scientist, launched the first commercial version in 1993. Since then, the program has been incessantly made over and expanded and today it counts to the mightiest tools in the area of knowledge management. For further information and a charge-free download opportunity of a demo version please see

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