Installing ATLAS.ti for Windows on a Mac

May 7, 2015

You can also install the Windows version of ATLAS.ti on a Mac. There are several ways to create a Windows environment on an Intel Mac:

Apple Bootcamp
Apple Bootcamp allows you to install the Windows operating system on any Intel Mac and decide upon startup which operating system you’d like to start.

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The Parallels desktop allows you to simultaneously run Mac OS and the Windows operating system – you can switch from one operating system (and its features) to the other with the push of a button.

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VMWare Fusion
This virtualization product also allows you to simultaneously run MAC OS and the Windows operating system. It also lets you easily share data between the two operating systems by simply dragging and dropping files and data from one environment to the other.

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Older (Non-Intel) Macs
On older Macs, simulating a Windows environment is possible through “classic” PC emulator software such as VirtualPC. Here you have to install a Virtual PC that emulates a PC environment on which ATLAS.ti can be installed.

Please note: All of the above solutions require you to purchase your own separate Windows license to work. Also, please direct any specific questions re. these options to your regular Apple/Mac support or other pertinent Mac resource. ATLAS.ti GmbH can only assist with issues specific to its own software.

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